Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer speaks at UC Berkeley

The Independent presidential candidate Buddy Roemer spoke at UC Berkeley on Tuesday. Read the full article here.

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  • Say Amen

    Buddy Roemer’s message of campaign finance reform is valid and he is an
    excellent public speaker, delivering that message with effective

    But his message is not new. The problems of special
    interest money affecting politics has been raised and used as campaign
    material for 200 years in American politics, and Roemer is not the only
    one talking about it.

    The problem with Buddy Roemer is his personality flaws that resulted in his failed political career.

    To learn the facts about him, presented by reliable, independent, and
    objective journalists and historians, go to the following web page and
    scroll down to the comment of “Say Amen.”

    I suggest that for his own sake and the sake of America, Buddy should
    exploit his strengths and face the reality of his faults. He should end
    his quest for public office, because he has little aptitude for it. He
    is a superb political commentator with valid opinions. He should
    therefore hire an agent to find him a job as a political pundit on a TV
    network or on a syndicated talk radio show where he can continue to
    propagate his message. Good luck to him on that