Letter: We must become a merit-based society

Anjelica Colliard/Staff

A recently-published Associated Press article hinted that Cal may be headed back to the dark ages of race-based admissions. The citizens need to speak loudly and firmly against any such maneuver by the forces who seek to return to such monumentally stupid and misguided policies.

“Diversity” adds no value. We do not pick our parents, and the gene pool from which we emerged should have no bearing on the opportunities that we are offered in life.

America must become a merit-based society if we can expect to compete in a worldwide economy.

Although I am a Democrat, I now realize that a second Obama term will assure a step backwards to race-based admission and race-based promotion in schools and colleges.

It is a false premise to say that a college’s student body should “reflect society.” That is just nonsense. A student body at any college must reflect the very best students that each college can recruit, based purely on individual performance.

The American way must be to recruit and promote solely based on merit.

If you are going into the hospital for brain surgery, you want the best surgeon, selected purely on merit. You do not want the surgeon who was selected merely to represent his or her particular minority group.

Merit is the only path back to a prosperous America.

 J. Tyler Ballance Berkeley 2013