Arrest made in cyclist hit-and-run case

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Following a hit-and-run involving cyclists in North Berkeley on Wednesday, an arrest was made by the Berkeley Police Department in the case Friday.

Two cyclists were riding east up Tunnel Road when they were struck by a black car at around 4:30 p.m. The driver of the vehicle did not stop following the collision, as required by law, according to Berkeley Police Department Captain Andrew Greenwood.

The cyclists were both wearing helmets at the time of the incident and suffered minor abrasions but did not require hospitalization for their injuries after being treated by the Oakland Fire Department, according to Greenwood. Their bicycles and clothing did, however, sustain considerable damage due to the collision.

Berkeley police announced Friday night that they had arrested the registered owner of the vehicle in connection with Wednesday’s collision. Michael Medaglia, 43, of Oakland, was arrested by BPD Friday afternoon, according to Greenwood.

Following the collision on Wednesday, Medaglia reported his car stolen to the Oakland Police Department, according to Greenwood. After Berkeley police placed an alert on the vehicle, Oakland police located it Friday morning and reported the recovery to BPD, who examined the vehicle further.

On Friday afternoon, Medaglia was located by BPD officers in a room at the Jack London Inn in Oakland and arrested for possession of heroin, felony in possession of ammunition, violation of probation and  felony hit-and-run, according to Greenwood.

Medaglia’s original misdemeanor probation violation was from an August 2010 case in which he was in possession of a switchblade, Greenwood said.

One of the cyclists had a video camera mounted on his handlebars at the time of the collision which captured footage of the vehicle hitting both riders. The video currently has over 100,000 views on YouTube and was used by police in the investigation. The incident footage can be seen in the video starting at 2:39.

Anjuli Sastry is an assistant news editor.

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  • Arjunchopra92

    I loled so hard at the video hahahaha

  • Hank Chapot

    Isn’t it remarkable how some hit and run drivers try to cover their asses by reporting the vehicle stolen?

  • Biff Tannen

    Wow.  I have probably limitless sympathy for the accident, but rolling through stop signs right into traffic, you guys ride like a couple of assholes.

    • Mewshi

      Drivers do it all the time, here.  Not that that’s an excuse.  As long as they aren’t causing traffic issues, while it may not technically be kosher, I still have less of a problem with it than with, say, a car doing the same thing.

      • Guest

         perfect example of the condescending arrogance of the cycling “community”.  demand the cars obey every traffic law, but unlimited excuses for cyclists who do not do the same.


  • Guest

    notice the cyclists blowing through stop signs in the first minute of the video.

    hope the police also cite THEM for THEIR moving violations.

    • Lenght

      As if going through stop signs is anywhere near as bad as injuring somebody. For f*cks sake get some perspective.

      • Guest

         Never said that it was as bad.  But cyclists go nuts about every minor traffic violation by motorists, yet refuse to acknowledge their own responsibilities to follow the law.  THey are arrogant, self-centered egomaniacs.

        • mj

          Not ALL cyclists are that way, however that doesnt seem to matter to most drivers who break the law almost every time they are behind the wheel. (Speeding, rolling stops, etc). Cars are far more dangerous weapons than bicycles, so until drivers smarten up and maybe take a good hard look in the mirror about their own behavior, they shouldnt be making dumba** character assessments about cyclists. 

          • Guest

             “most” drivers do not roll through stops.  you’re another lying bicycle-apologist dbag.

          • TGR

            Yes, “most” drivers DO roll through stops. I find it extremely hard to believe that in the middle of the night (or even during a calm afternoon) drivers would stop at lights for no reason, considering that their traffic violation would not affect anyone in such a situation. Same goes for bikers, especially the ones in the video (as you may see, when they are not jeopardizing anyone’s safety).

            I do not believe people expect drivers (or bikers) to follow every minor traffic rule. However, I do not think that running a traffic light when no one is there is the same thing as running a traffic light when a moving vehicle is coming the other way, do you? Therefore, it does not matter if the bikers ignored stop signs. The accident happened exclusively due to a driver who invaded a bike lane and ran over two bikers…

    • Blankone77

      Yes, they are wrong for not obeying the traffic laws.  But is that justification for actions that could lead to serious injury, or even death?  It seems  slightly off base to make such a comment.  The point is that, regardless of what they did incorrectly, the driver of this car was 100% in the wrong for his actions.  Pedestrians j-walk,  all the time, does this justify us as drivers running them
      down in the streets?  Motorist exceed the
      posted speed limits, does this give us carte blanche to pummel them when we see
      them step out of their vehicle?  No.  Your callousness scares me and shows that in
      the time we live in, people will use any excuse to justify their actions no
      matter how unjust they may be.

    • otherguest

      that didn’t cause the accident.  

      (P.S.  Not gonna lie, sometimes I blow through stop signs on my bike in empty streets or speed in my car when highway traffic is moving fast.  I don’t think either would be an excuse to later injure me.)

    • Slscolari

      I find it amazing how quick some people are to attack the victim of a crime. When a woman is raped people ask why she… That driver knew what he did, but was more concerned about HIS well being than whether or not HE had just killed two men. Instead of trying to justify the violent and careless actions of someone, just look at the facts!