Letter: Men’s gymnastics nationals article is disappointing

I am a senior at Cal this year, and I was extremely offended to read the article concerning the men’s gymnastics team and their performance at nationals.

I personally know every single man on the team, and I traveled to nationals in Oklahoma City this year to support them. If the author of  this piece, Warren Laufer, had done the same, he would know that our team gave a wonderful performance. Mistakes were made, but overall it was a huge success and nothing to be ashamed of, as this article seems to insinuate.

For The Daily Californian to title this piece “Bears fail to live up to expectations” is an abomination in itself and extremely inaccurate, since the team was ranked eighth in the nation and earned fourth place at nationals.

If Mr. Laufer had done the minutest amount of research or come to a single meet this season, he would also know that gymnastics is perhaps one of the most difficult, technically challenging and most complicated sports to perfect and repeat.

It is unfathomable that a Daily Cal reporter could be this ill-informed and, to be honest, extremely unprofessional and rude. Bears should support one another, not humiliate each other through offensive and horribly written pieces that appear campuswide. If the reporter had done his job correctly, he would know that when he wrote, “Ishino fell on the pommel horse routine, after neglecting other aspects of his training to perfect his pommel horse performance” that actually Glen simply fell while trying to do his best.

If Mr. Laufer had written an article similar to the podcast that was recorded on the Daily Cal’s website, this would be a different situation, as it seems that his interview was a more accurate and well-articulated portrayal of the team’s performance.

In my opinion, it is Mr. Laufer and the Daily Cal that have “failed to live up to expectations” by writing a sorry excuse of an article that is offensive, ill-informed and does not foster a cohesive and supportive environment at Cal. Both the Daily Cal as well as Warren Laufer owe a public apology to every single man on the Cal gymnastics team immediately.

I am extremely disappointed with this piece and am sorry to say that this has stained my view of the Daily Cal forever. I used to think that the Daily Cal was an objective source of reliable information that was supportive of the students and all of their endeavors. What do we, as a university, gain from this verbal attack on the Cal men’s gymnastics team when we have no reason or right to be “disappointed” in them? If this is how the Daily Cal chooses to report, I am embarrassed to be associated with this institution.


— Patricia Roberts

A previous version of this letter may have implied that Daily Cal sports writer Warren Laufer wrote the headline for the article “Bears fail to live up to expectations.” In fact, he did not.

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  • Undue Outrage

    Good grief, the 4th sentence of the offending article reads thus:
    “Senior Glen Ishino won the national title on pommel horse in the individual competition and was joined by juniors Donothan Bailey, Dennis Mannhart and Steven Lacombe in receiving All-American honors.”

    And really what is so wrong with the supposedly most disrespectful part of the reporting?
    Did Ishino fall during competition and did he skew his training regimen heavily toward that event? These are matters of fact finding, and the DC reported the facts as they are.

    Someone is all in a huff b/c they didn’t grasp that the editors write the headlines.

    • Your’re a derp

      Wow! You read up to the fourth sentence and then decided to give your opinion based on one sentence of an article that blatantly bashes a team that should only be praised by taking 4th after being ranked 8th entering NCAAs.

      I understand that people on the internet want to cause fights because it takes little effort and you’re able to hide behind your computer, but do us all a favor and read more than just one sentence if you’re trying to prove people wrong.    

      Try again. :)

  • Becka

    Really well written letter Trisha! I’m glad I finally got to read it…very sad that the Daily Cal would publish such an article :(

  • duh

    “Glen simply fell while doing his best” When did the NCAAs become the special olympics? these are world class athletes. if they fuck up someone should hold them to it. 

    • Asdf

      Ohh look, a 13 year old wants to start a flame war.  Cute!

    • check it


  • Poop

    i don’t follow cal gymnastics  but wow daily cal this is shameful. good letter by patricia

  • rawr

    [I used to think that the Daily Cal was an objective source of reliable information that was supportive of the students and all of their endeavors.]

    This was your first mistake.