Naked Run

Some participants dressed in costume, while others wore nothing at all. Marcus Gedai/Staff
Some participants dressed in costume, while others wore nothing at all. Marcus Gedai/Staff

The naked run, started by Lothlorien co-op, is a semesterly tradition which occurs during dead week in which students gather in the stairwell of Moffit and run naked through the Main Stacks.

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  • Kmlaf

    I think it’s fair to say that people who are disgraced to running streak are the same people who don’t see to mind how inappropriate it is.     Anyone notice that only a minority of people does seem to notice some immorality in our modern culture. 

  • S.C. Woolf

    Does anyone else find these photos a little awkward? Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for the Naked Run (I’ve done it twice) but the whole posting of the photos online thing is kind of a buzz kill.

    Okay, a double-standard is at play here – if it’s totally cool for people to run around the library naked while others are trying to study, then why isn’t it cool for said others (the Daily Cal included) to take photos and post them online? That is to say, if people don’t want nude photos of themselves online, then why participate in Naked Run in the first place?

    My feeling is, the Naked Run is one of the few traditions on campus that is completely organized by students – and also completely ridiculous. There’s a strange sense of school spirit the Naked Run generates – reminding us that, even during dead week, Berkeley is a pretty fun place to go to school. My hope is that would-be participants would not be turned off by the prospect of having their nude selves appear on the college newspaper’s website – or other websites intended for naked people…

    • Naked Runnnin

      I’m totally with you on this… The pictures being posted online is pretty much the only thing holding me back from doing it..  I feel like it’s something everyone should do before they leave Cal, just because of the tradition and, as you said, the sense of school spirit it revives in people during dead week. Posting the pictures is discouraging to a lot of people that I think would run otherwise.

  • Guest

    Why is it that the people who you WANT to see naked are never the ones who take their clothes off?

  • Guest

    You forgot the most interesting part of the story: the UCPD was called, and about 15 cops showed up while the students were running and started rifling through students’ clothes, stealing IDs and other personal possessions.

    When the students returned, two of them were arrested. A naked female student was handcuffed.


    • Russell Bates

       All cops are assholes.

    • JJMMC

      Wait, what? Really?

  • WonderingSam

    anyone notice how weird it was that most of the naked run people were white yet most of the people watching the run were asian? 

    • Guest

       that’s how it is every year.  man I wish more of the hot asian girls would get naked.

      • Guest

        I wanna see some hot Asian boobies.

    • GeorgeM

      Maybe the stereotype of the size of Asian diks is the reason.

  • Guest

    I wanted to see some boobies. :(

    • Failography

      boobies from last year’s event may be seen online,
      one just has too know where to look.

      ps. out of like 75 pics, many had boobies but really only one or two pics were worth the look.
      mostly a lot of unshapely fail

      • Guest

        Where can I see boobies from last year?

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