Nine arrested following police raid on Occupy the Farm

Anna Vignet/Senior Staff

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ALBANY, Calif. — UCPD arrested nine protesters as they retook control of UC-owned land in Albany Monday morning.

Officers from UC Berkeley and seven other UC campuses issued a dispersal order to Occupy the Farm protesters — most of whom were outside the east gate to the land near the corner of San Pablo and Marin avenues — at 6:15 a.m.

Two protesters were arrested after remaining on the land, known as the Gill Tract, and seven were arrested outside of the encampment’s entrances for unlawful assembly.

By 7:30 a.m., about 40 UCPD officers — some armed with paintball guns, pepper spray and riot shotguns — had formed a perimeter around the east gate and into San Pablo Avenue. At least 30 protesters and supporters who had arrived after the raid was announced were left on the sidewalks along with supplies salvaged from the campsite set up outside the east gate.

Protesters had moved their encampment outside the fences surrounding the tract on Saturday, though they continued to farm and maintain a presence on the land.

“The camp was moved outside in a show of good faith,” said UC Berkeley alumnus and Occupy Cal member Navid Shaghaghi. “Why was there a need to do this?”

In a statement issued Monday morning by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer and Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance John Wilton, campus administrators insist that they made every effort to communicate with protesters in order to avoid the need for police action.

“At every step of the way our efforts were either rejected or ignored, and sadly we have now run out of time,” the statement reads.

The campus had invited encampment representatives to a Saturday meeting with College of Natural Resources Dean Keith Gilless and members of the Albany community to discuss the future of urban agriculture on the tract. The protesters, who would have had to cede control of the tract in order to attend, refused the offer.

According to Occupy the Farm spokesperson Anya Kamenskaya, protesters will reconverge at the Albany Community Center on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

“It’s not over,” Kamenskaya said.

News editor Adelyn Baxter contributed to this report.

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  • guest

    why did  it take law enforcement so long to respond to this illegal leftist action   ????   ..  food for thought …

  • RaymondTorres

    that was a interesting article

  • reztips

    You might notice that a number of Occupy the Farm participants interviewed by the Daily Cal, Berkeleyside, and the Chronicle appear to be first or second generation US residents. This sort of response to opportunities they would never have had in the homeland of their parents shows what ingrates they appear to be…

    • Berkeleyprotest real bp

      alright nativist 

      • reztips

        “Nativist,” “racist,” “sexist,” etc., etc. Have you PC Stalinist (yes, at least this is an “ist” term appropriate here) found any simple-minded calumny that you won’t use for legitimate criticism? Do consult your Ethnic Studies or Peace and Conflict Studies mentors and get back to use with your latest idiocies…

    • Guest

      really? because no one with a Russian or Persian name was in America before the 1960s?

  • reztips

    The reason we keep seeing these inane, meaningless demonstrations by Occupy-be it in Oakland, SF or on campus-is that once arrested, these morons either get no penalty at all, or a slap on the wrist such as a small fine (which many of them don’t pay in any event). If local prosecutors would bring the full penalty of the law down upon them and judges would apply it, Occupy ignoramuses would think twice before they disrupted legitimate activity or broke the windows of small businesses…

  • Baaaa

    I hope those who disagree with occupy find the world a better place since 2008.

    For all you upstanding citizens, let me help you with what you are trying to say, “College kids, quit being idealistic. Ideas are for non-oppressed states. Work hard like the good sheep on the animal farm. Don’t for once doubt this isn’t a fair system. It’s very fair. I get nice toys when I work hard. Can’t you see how great it works. That’s why we have to big to fail.”

    • guest

      Keep being idealistic, but don’t be stupid.  And know the difference between the two.

    •  [I hope those who disagree with occupy find the world a better place since 2008.]

      Funny, however, that the Occutards aren’t protesting the current occupant of the White House. Perhaps it’s because the Occupy people are funded and directed by the Democrat Party?

      • Berkeleyprotest real bp

        Tony I hear you’re an idiot

        •  I bet you hear all sorts of things echoing in that empty skull of yours, including the sounds of those evil corporate bogeymen hiding under your bed at night.

    • reztips

      Since when does using tactics which alienate the very people you wish to defend and attract make for being “idealistic?” If you exchange the term to “ridiculous,” then you might start making sense…

  • Chris

    “The camp was moved outside in a show of good faith,” said UC Berkeley alumnus and Occupy Cal member Navid Shaghaghi. “Why was there a need to do this?”
    This is the same Navid that tried to grab the microphone at my graduation. He and another person also ran a big banner across the ceremony while my Mom was trying to get a video.  

    Everything is about him.  He must be very sad when he’s not getting attention.

    • Get Retarded

       according to your own comment,
      everything is about you and your mom, ya’ll must be very sad when not servicing one another.

      •  Thanks for acting like a silly little child. Why don’t you grow up and get a job?

      • And Your Mom?

        So a fella says one of your ilk disrupted a graduation his mother was attending and you respond by suggesting he and his mom regularly screw each other?  It’s people like you that have brought the occupy movement to its knees, turning it into a weeping little cocksucker.  

        And speaking of which, how’s YOUR mom doing these days? 

        •  [So a fella says one of your ilk disrupted a graduation his mother was
          attending and you respond by suggesting he and his mom regularly screw
          each other?]

          That’s par for the course from the Occupy Whatever crowd. And yet they wonder why most people in this country don’t take them seriously…

        • Wtflahole

          What a sick reference you pervert, can’t get your mind off sexual references, grow up!

          •  Excuse me, but I have read several of your posts so far, and most of them seem to be non-sequitur type responses, or demonstrable of a total lack of reading comprehension. The person you are responding to did NOT bring up the subject. He was merely responding to someone else. Why didn’t you reply to that person instead of flaming him?

          • And Your Mom?

            It was in response to “Get Retarded”, who accuses a commenter of “servicing” his mom.  But you didn’t care about that, did you, you biased little dipshit.  It’s called stooping to someone else’s level.  I’m not above doing so.  

    •  Keep in mind that lefties are by nature childish narcissists. It’s all about attention for themselves only.

  • LawsofThurm

    Here’s an idea, why don’t you go “Occupy A Job”.  

    • Ginnie

      Navid had a long article in the Daily Cal a couple days ago to complain that, since he didn’t work while here, he’s got like $28K of debt to deal with. Of course, he stayed an extra year so he could get a second degree in philosophy.  

      A chunk of the article was him “demanding” that the graduate school he go to should support him better than Cal did.

    • Failed Propaganda_is Failed

       here’s an idea, why don’t you go learn something about the obvious dearth of jobs in this country?
      it’s only been the case for about the last 4 years running.

      • Guestabc

        Perhaps a review of your spelling might help you land a steady paycheck.

        • Guest

          you realize ‘dearth’ is an actual word, don’t you?

  • marcus

    This whole situation is why California, especially Berkeley, is a laughingstock for the rest of the country.  A bunch of “students” take something that is not theirs, refuse to give it back, then cry that this is not over when the owner takes it back from them, legally.  Letting this go on for as long as they did was foolish, and gave the trespassers a false sense of security and power.

  • Carlos

    “Why was there a need to do this?”

    Because you still consider it your personal right to take over property that does not belong to you.  Please provide me with your address, Navid. Since you are spending all your time at the farm, your home is not used to the best way and a group of us want to reclaim your apartment and open it up for homeless people who have no place to sleep while you have two places to stay.   Thanks for providing that info.

    • I_h8_disqus

      The fact that Navid missed this obvious point reminds me that not all Cal students are actually smart.

    • Swallow The Leader

      so as a grad student at UC if I spend all my time in lab on campus, you’ll feel free to take over my apartment?

      • GeorgeM

        You got it. If you don’t use it, you lose it — that’s the Occupy way. And we fuk your girlfriend too if you don’t take care of her wifely needs.

      •  You seem to not understand the difference between being given permission to use one’s property, and simply showing up and declaring that it’s yours.

  • Berkeleyprotest real bp

    I see a bunch of cops “following orders” like lemmings

    • I_h8_disqus

      Police upholding the law.  I hate when that happens.  May the police not act like lemmings the next time you need them to protect your legal rights.

    •  I see the usual cretin posting his silly semi-coherent one-liners. You’re the lemming, BP, given you actually BELIEVE all this Occupy Whatever garbage. You’re the last person who should accuse others of being lemmings around here.

  • Albanyparent

    Way to go raiding the farm on a schoolday, UC. What happened to the promise you made to Albany Unified that you wouldn’t take any decisions to impact the school day? Nice to you know you have no compunctions about threatening the use of chemical agents 100 yards from a school. Fuck you and your steroidal goons 4ever. 

    • Carlos

       You are such a great role model for your kids.  Congrats.

    •  You’re not a very good parent if you allow your kid to consort with violent unwashed hippies. I guess you didn’t get the e-mail that the 1960’s are over…

    • Getsmart

       Raid happened before school started (a real Albany parent would know this).  In addition, the Occupiers made a promise to leave but didn’t, so perhaps you should try directing some of your anger towards them.  Since I’m guessing that you aren’t really an Albany parent you can go bugger off.