Man arrested for allegedly urinating on UCPD officer at Gill Tract

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A man who climbed into a tree after UCPD raided the Occupy the Farm encampment on UC-owned land in Albany Monday morning was arrested for urinating on and throwing dirt at an officer.

Edward Miller — the 10th person arrested at the Gill Tract farm Monday — was arrested for battery on a peace officer and trespassing at about 8 p.m. after coming down from the tree, according to the UCPD spokesperson Lt. Eric Tejada.

Tejada said officers were stationed near the tree Miller was perched in and talked to him throughout the day in an effort to get him out of the tree.

At about 3 p.m., Miller allegedly urinated out of the tree and hit an officer, Tejada said. Miller also allegedly threw what appeared to be a plant starter at the officer and hit him, Tejada added.

Nine protesters were arrested Monday morning for trespassing and remaining at the scene of a riot. One of the nine was also found to be resisting arrest.

Christopher Yee is an assistant news editor.

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  • Red_Geologist

    Urinating on an officer. Seems to me like the OFFICER HAS TO WALK INTO THAT ONE!

    Another stupid UC “Cop”!

  • Hi ^
    Was living in the tree. I just happened to be in a tree when they arrested everyone, got the charges dropped except for obstruct and did time in Rita. <3
    True story the cop came at the platform with a knife after my warning him, cut my garden down and got it all on his face ;) after that he pepper sprayed me and had to go down; no hands-on is the rule for the pigs and you can't arrest.. someone.. if they are going to fall.

    Decolonize your mind! ;)

    • Red_Geologist

      Good Job!

  • ArwenUndomniel

    Actually Eddie was living in the tree for as long as Occupy was there. When the police entered the Farm he was still in the tree not having had time to get down. He told them he had to take a leak but they ignored him and continued to talk about how they were get him down. Finally he could not hold it any longer.

  • Ohhhhk

    As usual the UC cops were not concerned for anyone but themselves and are ashamed. So they blame Eddie because they werent watching him and he easily could have fallen from fright while the cops stood around watching each other, discussing how to attack the tree sitter.

  • Carlos

    Fine representative of the Occupy movement.

    • Red_Geologist

      Carlos is a fine representative of the Corporate Socialist Subsidy Movement! His motto is “Take My taxes, Please”!