West Berkeley Project to appear on November ballot

At its meeting Tuesday night, the Berkeley City Council voted to place the third phase of the West Berkeley Project — a controversial long-term plan that aims to expand the area’s retail and multi-use space — on the city’s November ballot despite public discontent.
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Nas: Life is Good

Life is Good — Nas’s tenth album and the final under his Def Jam contract — is not solely a breakup album. Though Nas holds ex-wife Kelis’ green wedding dress across his knee on the cover, it’s not. I assure you. When you’ve been in the game as long as
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Frank Ocean: channel ORANGE

Frank Ocean gets it. That’s really what it comes down to. At 24 years old, Ocean’s lyrical and musical depth far surpasses that of most of his R&B contemporaries. After joining shock-rap collective Odd Future and dropping a celebrated solo mixtape, Ocean scored front-row seats to Watch the Throne by
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