Occupy the Farm protesters continue to break into Gill Tract

The Occupy the Farm encampment on April 16, 2012 included tents, a kitchen, various gardening supplies, and a chicken coop.
Danielle Lee/File
The Occupy the Farm encampment on April 16, 2012 included tents, a kitchen, various gardening supplies, and a chicken coop.

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Occupy the Farm protesters continue to trespass on UC-owned research land in Albany, illegally harvesting and weeding the crops that they planted on the Gill Tract earlier this spring, and campus officials say they lack the resources to keep the protesters away.

In order to tend to crops they planted during their occupation of the tract, protesters have cut the lock off the gate on three occasions — most recently on Sunday — since the encampment was broken up by police on May 14.

“We are in a difficult situation and don’t have the resources to monitor the Gill Tract around the clock,” said UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof. “There is a group that seems to care little about property rights or the rule of law. We need to focus on ensuring that the research goes unimpeded and unharmed.”

On April 22, protesters — including campus students and alumni — erected tents on the Gill Tract and began planting crops in response to the proposition of the University Village Mixed Use Project.

The project, passed by the Albany City Council on July 9, entails the construction of a Whole Foods Market, a senior housing center and a retail center on a portion of the Gill Tract south of the research land.

The university filed a lawsuit against 15 members of Occupy the Farm on May 9. However, the lawsuit — which alleged that the protesters’ presence on the land interfered with research — was dropped on June 6 due to legal costs and the concern over the length of the process.

Mogulof said pursuing a second lawsuit against the protesters would be a long and expensive process and is not currently a priority for the campus.
UCPD Lt. Alex Yao said the tract is being monitored by both the community and the UCPD. He also said the participants of the break-ins are videotaped by officers.

Occupy the Farm member and UC Berkeley alumnus Krystof Lopaur said he thinks it is inappropriate to call tending the crops a break-in.
“When people talk about a break-in, people usually think it (took place) in a house,” Lopaur said. “This isn’t someone breaking into a screen door.”

According to campus alumna and Occupy the Farm member Stefanie Rawlings, the police have not said or done anything to keep the protesters from harvesting and weeding their crops. Rawlings also said as long as there is no open access to the Gill Tract, Occupy the Farm will continue to use the land to grow crops.

UC Berkeley researcher Damon Lisch, who grows corn for research on the Gill Tract, said the protesters have respected requests to leave his research intact, but he does not support the movement.

“I understand that the UC is trying not to escalate the situation, and I appreciate that the protesters are just harvesting their crops and not damaging our research, but it doesn’t mean that I am happy about it,” Lisch said.

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  • Raul Gjijalva

    Oh My Gawd….Someone broke into the garden and planted something…Call out Homeland Security, the TSA, the Berkeley Keystone Kops and the National Guard (Gotta bring them back from Afghanitsn first) to deal with the terrible Vandals!

    • Raul Gjijalva

      Won’t Someone Please Stop The TERRORISM????

      • How about stopping your silliness first?

    • On the contrary

      Yeah, it’s not a garden; it’s an agricultural research center that’s actually furthering our understanding of how crops fare in various conditions. And people didn’t just plant something. And we don’t need to call homeleand security or the TSA or the National Guard. All we need is some local cops to hand you your whiney, self-righteous little ass.

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  • I_h8_disqus

    Is Krystof really an alum? I don’t expect a Cal alum to not understand that if you are breaking the padlock on a fence and entering, you are breaking in. And when I see a sign that says compost capitalism, like the one in the photo, I wish that we could let these people live in a non-capitalist country so they could get a reality check.

    • Current student

      his name is Chris Cantor. He has a phd in vision science from Berkeley, and he’s been a postdoc here for the last seven years.

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    • I_h8_disqus

      It still seems to be Cantor. Christopher Cantor has a linked in account that keeps him connected to the working world.