Marijuana ban would protect youth, families

Schizophrenia, psychosis are among associated ailments

Rae Zhuang/Staff

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It is not surprising that Dan Rush would write  an article favorable to pot (“Bill’s passage would protect patient welfare,” Aug. 13), but hopefully, the majority of students will see through the smoke and realize that the “medical marijuana” is a hoax to begin with and doomed to fail. To call it medicine, or the customers patients, is an affront to our collective intellect. To suggest that shuttering pot shops is  depriving  a 5-year-old child of medicine is blasphemous.

Marijuana is not medicine, and 98 percent of the patients aren’t suffering from serious illness. They just want to get high or are in it for the money. Since students’ generation will soon inherit the empire, you had best take an honest assessment of the true social and economic impacts of marijuana and other drugs.

America has declined in the world academically, with 1.2 million high school drop outs, more than 6.1 million kids being raised by grandparents or in foster homes and an annual cost to the nation for substance abuse of  more than $1 trillion.

While isolated components of the marijuana may have medicinal value, the entire plant does not. Real medicines have known ingredients, dosage and potency and must be reproducible in consistent form, like pills. They must pass scrutiny of the Food and Drug Administration, and they are never dispensed by 21-year-old kids in retail pot shops whose only training comes from smoking pot. And smoking is never an acceptable delivery system.

Marijuana causes brain damage, particularly during adolescence, and is harmful until the brain is fully developed at age 25 or later. It can also lead to psychosis, including schizophrenia and paranoia, and suicidal depression, and 17 percent of those who start smoking before age 18 will become addicted to it.  Used alone, it doesn’t kill by overdose, but almost all of the 3,400 Americans who die monthly of overdose started their drug journey with marijuana. And overdose isn’t the only cause of death or only adverse outcome. Addiction alone will ruin one’s life and family.

Scientific research has shown that because of the potency of today’s pot, a fetus can incur brain damage and physical harm only two weeks after conception, before many women even realize they are pregnant. Even if the  pregnant mother stops, it’s too late for the baby.

You have a choice of what to believe regarding Rep. Barbara Lee’s H.R. 6335. Either she is unenlightened on the true harms of marijuana or her philosophies are shaped by campaign contributions or both. In either case, she has violated the public trust to safeguard people and our tax dollars.

If you are part of the 81 percent to 85 percent of young people who don’t smoke pot, keep in mind that shortly your hard work will have to pay for the burden of those who work less or not at all.  Think hard about whether you want to do that.

Help stop the hoax!

Roger Morgan is the founder and director of Take Back America.

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  • Wow, the reefer madness is strong with this Roger Morgan. It’s sad that with well over 10,000 studies around the world, millions of anecdotes, you have pathetic “authors” like this come out with such nonsense. To come up with this crap is akin to someone claiming that 2+2=5. Sorry there Hitman Morgan but marijuana is one victim you can’t touch, not in these days and times. The people are getting more and more educated no matter how much money you get paid by the DEA to write these fairy tales of danger about marijuana. The jig is up buddy. It’s time for you to do something better with your life. No one believes you because we have entirely too much information that PROVES you’re nothing more than a disgrace and a liar.

    Normally, when people fail at something, I tell them get up and try again. In your case, please get up and try again. I need the laugh. This is such a pathetic attempt. I mean, you didn’t even try to support your claims. You could have gone with the Tulane/Heath study. Most people don’t even know that was debunked. I bet you don’t even know about that study. While you were busy, interested in getting paid for a hitjob, you didn’t bother to do ANY research. Sheesh. If I were the DEA I’d want my money back for this crap. I could have peed in the snow a better argument than what you wrote. This is really pathetic.

  • Tobias Bluth

    Roger Morgan, this article is utter contrived BS and you KNOW it. You should be ashamed of yourself for peddling this SMUT. What level of anti-intellectualism have you come to?! Who signs your paychecks? That’s the answer we ALL should be looking for, you’re NOTHING but another PUPPET for someone richer than you.

    • angryent

      said what we were thinking.

  • Dr. C. Nile

    Ridiculous, not a single fact to be seen and a misleading title to boot. You are an embarrassment to real journalists and anyone with an IQ of over 26.

  • openfyre

    You sir are gravely misinformed.

  • Brandon Foster

    I guess this influx of comments discounting your ridiculous 1950s’ reefer madness style ideals wasn’t what you were expecting, was it Roger? You see, we grew up on the internet, we have an amazing spread of information at our fingertips, literally. Your kind of blubbering falsities belong on the cover of a 1950s’ newspaper. Smoke a joint and you’ll understand what we’re raving about. You ass.

  • GetRoger Baked

    Roger Morgan, please for the love of god get baked. Your opinions on pot are laughable and it’s overwhelmingly apparent you have no clue what you are talking about. If you are so worried about the youth, write an op-ed on alcohol or tobacco or caffeine….you know, harmful drugs.

  • Jake

    Aside from people’s warped views of marijuana, do they not realize that Cannabis/Hemp has MANY more uses than medical/recreational use. Its used for everything from paper to clothes, and can quite easily become the #1 cash crop across North America(if its not already, but the money would go to the government instead of gangs)

    Dont be so ignorant.

    • Jake

      Oh one more thing, The day is coming where the ents shall roam free. WE CAN DO IT!

  • pinkdee

    I hate that anti-cannabis people are typically Christians. In the Bible, Genesis 1:29 it says ”
    And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” Cannabis is gift from God. Also, fun fact about cannabis: it is in the same plant family, Cannabaceae, as Hops – one of the plants beer is made from.

  • John Smith

    can we get some citations on these “facts”? There is no way the US spends anywhere close to a trillion dollars on treatment and the Heath Tulane study you allude to with the “cannabis kills brain cells” notion has long been disproved Get your facts straight or any facts at all would be nice.

  • The-suit

    So many things wrong with this I honestly dont know where to begin… That “5 year old” who won’t be able to get their medicine? They’re probably suffering from a form of Wasting’s or MS or any other life long disease. Roger Morgan if your going say that Cannabis causes : Psycosis, Schitzophrenia and a host of mental illnesses you HAD BETTER have the clincials studies, lab reports and evidence to substantiate your claim. Roger Morgan you can spread as many lies and propaganda as much as you want but guess what? Human civilization has been using cannabis and hemp since 8,000 BC and it’s not going anywhere.

  • My father smoked his first joint at age 84. When I saw how much it helped him I decided to become involved with medicinal cannabis legalization. Since then half the medical marijuana patients I’ve ever met are now dead. This notion that 98% of marijuana patients are gaming the system is not only unproven it’s a lie that’s self fulfilling. I acknowledge a small percent may be gaming the system, but I don’t want my tax dollars wasted on trying to stop them. At some time a rational drug approach that prioritizes the risk and damage drugs do to a community and families will be developed in this country.

  • Informed person

    This author’s facts are simply wrong. Marijuana does not cause brain damage, nor does it lead to an increased risk of cancer (see the recent, 30-year UCLA study).

    Smoking is bad – but Marijuana need not be smoked. There are many alternative delivery systems.

    Far worse are the prescription pills that circulate illegally, like Oxycontin, which have all the negative and addictive effects of Heroin. Alcohol is far more damaging, too.

  • Tyler Hill

    This guy sounds like a 6th grader writing an essay under the Nixon administration. No sources for any of his statistics, no studies cited, no actual science referred to- just regurgitating a bunch of reefer madness propaganda. Can’t believe something so clearly lacking in actual research was allowed to be published, even as an op-ed.

  • berkeleyprotest

    Anyone ‘taking back America’ needs to relax!!

  • Nunya Beeswax

    “To suggest that shuttering pot shops is depriving a 5-year-old child of medicine is blasphemous.”

    You’re going to have to explain to me how such a statement is insulting to God or religion, Roger. Or just admit to a diction fail.

  • Jasocol

    I smoke pot, almost every day, and have done for the last 7/8 years. I also work a full time 40hr week job, I do support work for a disabled gentleman on the weekends and I am currently undertaking a part time honours degree which I study for in the evenings (My second I might add) in natural science for which I am achieving a 2:1.

    I’m clearly one of those feckless layabout youths (24) that you were talking about in the article right?

  • Bumphus

    Roger Morgan is right. Marijuana must remain illegal in order to stop the spread of wonton beatnik-ism. Do we really want our children to grow up snapping their fingers to jazz music and using words like “hep-cat” and “daddy-o” when they could be learning more about the mercy of our Lord? It’s far better to lock them in an iron cage and give them a permanent police record than allow them to be free to think for themselves. Keep up the good work, Morgan, and someday half the population can visit the other half in jail…

  • yourmom5
  • yourmom5
  • yourmom5

    Is Roger Morgan trying to convince the general public that he has Down Syndrome? If so, then well done I say…a complete success.

  • a quiet man

    sorry but after reading this waste of digital space i can only describe the author as a troll with no logic or sense he spouts well proven lies and i will not spend any more of my digital ink on this tripe

  • Ryan

    Just to add to the tally of people who think this article is absolute shit (even for an Op-Ed, this is pure crap), I have to agree with almost everything everyone else has said already. Here is the fact on this article:

    *ZERO, I’ll say it again, ZERO CITED SOURCES. All you did was rehash the same old song that has been shown to be a flat out lie.

    Get out of the journalism business Roger Morgan, you don’t have a clue how it’s supposed to be done.

  • dacardzmasta

    I like how Roger Morgan cites no resources or evidence for his claims

  • UniversalMan

    All of this article is wrong

  • The general populous

    Fuck off

  • Frazer Giles

    Roger Morgan, give up now and find another career path. No one believes your crap, just look at the comment feed. Where do you get all these figures from? You are the hoax and we’re telling you to fuck off

  • Zeke

    This article is just complete opinion, where’s the references to valid scientific research to back any of the claims within this article? I suggest that if anyone have doubts on Marijuana that you seek factual information on the subject. are always keeping up to date with all Marijuana research (Not just in the UK), I highly recommend checking this site out especially if you have any confusion on this topic (smokers and non-smokers).

  • What a stupid article. The author doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, and just wants to push his agenda. Go and moralise to people who need it. One of the scummiest things you can do is lie to people, so we all know what Roger Morgan represents. What a disgraceful excuse for a human being.

  • Truth Seeker

    What utter rot Roger Morgan. You are a charlatan and a disgrace to real journalism. You espouse nothing more than reefer madness and hysteria, providing statistics that are neither backed up or scientific.

    Unfortunately for you Roger, cannabis is and always has been medicine. Ever heard of Sativex? Here in the UK the government have licensed GW pharma to grow tonnes of the stuff. Sativex is an oral spray consisting of a 1:1 ration of THC and CBD, alcohol, peppermint and other plant materials. IE it is hash oil in a handy mouth spray. It is clinically approved in the UK, Spain, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Sweden, New Zealand and Canada for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

    Read it and weep:

    They are next looking at how it can treat cancer. There is already a wealth of documented evidence that hash oil can shrink certain cancer tumours. Millions of people depend on the non-toxic beneficial properties of cannabis for a multitude of reasons not limited to simply ‘get high’. To claim that 95% are just stoners is outright bigotry and prejudice on a grand scale.

    Prohibition is not about protecting children and families as you so put it. No one buys those cliches any more. Prohibition simply protects the interests of large corporations who cannot patent this wonderful natural and renewable resource. Prohibition causes vastly more harm that it prevents. Only this week reports in Maastricht (where tourists are banned from buying cannabis from coffee shops) state that there is now a thriving underground drugs trade, where cannabis is openly sold alongside hard drugs. How dare you make such blatant lies in the face of so many truths.

    The measure was designed to discourage foreigners from coming to the
    Dutch coffee shops. There were simply too much customers. Instead of
    embracing this most welcome shot it the arm of its faltering economy,
    the Dutch government decided to slaughter the chicken with the golden
    egg. At least, it thought this would happen.

    Now that the predictable effects of the weed pass are becoming
    visible (in the streets of course – where else?) said decision makers
    may have second thoughts about their brilliant idea.

    In Maastricht drug-related trouble quadrupled in the past month.
    There were more than 600 reports to a special anti-drugs hotline, while
    the average remained last year below 170 per month.”

    Get it in to your thick skull that the war on drugs is an outright failure. Legal prescription drugs, legal alcohol and legal tobacco kills 10s upon millions each year yet you choose to set about cannabis, which has never had one recorded death through usage and adversely affects a tiny fraction of the number of those affected by other legal drugs.

    Your ignorance is dangerous. You are not to be taken seriously.

    • Mean Joe Green

      Said like a true gentleman! I couldn’t agree with you more, Truth Seeker! As for you Roger Morgan, he was far too kind because you sir are a disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself. It is frightening how blatantly ignorant you are. But one part of that is still going through my head. Your ignorance IS VERY dangerous. We have so many problems in this country because ignorant pricks like you open their mouths and let feces fly out. It’s just such a shame that people actually friggin’ listen. Your ignorance just fuels the fire that is hurting this cause so much. If you have some need to support fallacies, please focus your action and attacks somewhere else.

  • Cole Walsh UK


  • vintendo

    can someone please point me to this fatality caused by cannabis searched every where

    • peepsqueek

      Everything in excess contributes to the degeneration of your health. Even eating too much food, even if it is healthy food, will contribute to the degeneration of your health. At what point can the insurance company tell you that your child should not be three hundred pounds, and we are not going to insure him or her. My point is, smoking pot on continuous basis contributes to the degeneration of your lungs. The fatality on your death certificate will not say “pot smoker” or “tobacco smoke”. Cause of death will say emphysema, asthma, lung cancer, etc.

      • esotericknowledge

        Based on what evidence? Because you said so?

        • peepsqueek

          To Esoterickknowledge-
          Why would you have to ask those questions, when you have literally a hundred health organizations in this Country, Canada, Europe providing facts and statistical probability, while quoting doctors and scientists?

          Sample: Science Daily- “Ammonia levels are 20 times higher in the
          marijuana smoke than in the tobacco smoke, while hydrogen cyanide,
          nitric oxide and certain aromatic amines occurred at levels 3-5 times
          higher in the marijuana smoke, they say. The finding is “important
          information for public health and communication of the risk related to
          exposure to such materials.” Given this information, you can do your own research.

          You will find similar studies if you were the type that cares what you ingest or concern for your children.

          I was like you when I was young, and smoked marijuana and opium in Vietnam every chance that I could as I was a stressed out combat infantryman. I smoked everyday for a solid year when I got home, along with drinking with my friends, until my father, who was an athlete, health enthusiast and physical trainer, had me to stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at myself. There was no lecture, no sarcasm, no put downs. My father, who was almost four decades older than myself, looked beautiful, and I needed some work at age 21. My girlfriends were giving my father the eye.

          Drugs and alcohol are not the problem. The problem is when a person does not feel worth it inside. Self worth is what helps protect your body and mind from the excesses in life. You are still going to be a little excessive when you are young, but within the realm of good taste.

  • vintendo

    haha this is funny you really need to do more research before you try write something clever

  • Marijuana is not medicine, and 98 percent of the patients aren’t suffering from serious illness. ” The number or type of people receiving cards has nothing to do with the medicinal properties of the plant, neither does slapping the label ”drug” on it. The fact of the matter is your body has an entire regulatory system that we didn’t discover until we began trying to figure out why marijuana affected us at all. What they found is now called the endocannabinoid system and it regulates functions in several other systems such as your nervous and immune systems. We’re still learning about the system but it appears to be a series of switches geared toward self repair and rebalancing of various other systems. There is too much information to describe here, but if you are questioning the science of it google ”endocannabinoid system”.

    Your next point related an academic decline to the cost of substance abuse? First off the number you listed is 1 trillion total in the war on drugs, not annual. Second, that is not the cost of substance abuse, that is the cost of trying to nanny your citizens by outlawing and then enforcing substance laws. That is the price of attempting to endlessly fight a black market that never has a decline in demand and can continually rotate suppliers. There is no winning by locking up enough people or intercepting enough contraband. There will always be more because we make the money too good.

    Many substances can cause brain damage if used too heavily too early, and you are correct that marijuana is one of them. It is however one of the safest ones and the only one that can’t kill you.

    You comment about schizophrenia is understandable because that is such a widely circulated false fact. 1% of the population has
    schizophrenia. Marijuana use has risen from 5% of the population to 40%, but the number of people with
    schizophrenia is still 1%. Schizophrenia (and other mental illnesses) is a topic that we don’t fully understand yet. For example, they had noticed for a long time that people with
    schizophrenia had up to 10x the amount of anandamide in their bloodstream than healthy adults, so they assumed the anandamide caused the hallucinations. But when they tested a chemical in marijuana called cannabidiol on patients with
    schizophrenia they noticed the people got better AND the anandamide levels increased even more. This caused them to realize anandmide was your body fighting the disease and marijuana helped it do that better than the leading anti
    schizophrenia medicine with far fewer side effects. The people doing the study said that nothing would be done with it unless they could create a synthetic version because pharmaceutical companies could not patent the natural form so they wouldn’t invest money in it.

    THIS is the real problem, us refusing to look closely at something with potential simply because someone else told us to call it a ”drug!”.

  • Stop the Hoax? Just re read the TRASH you just published! Either Roger is seriously disturbed or he is sitting on a big pile of Pharmaceutical Stock – OR BOTH!
    Every since California passed the Medical Cannabis Initiative, the elected officials there absolutely refused to enact ANY type of controls or regulation, Why? So they could purposely allow it to get out of control, So it would become so confusing and prominent to the point where it was “Everywhere” and out of control, Grow houses & Dispensaries on almost every street, They planned to “Do Nothing” for a reason – To frustrate people enough to support closing it ALL down, Because if it “Worked”, Too many people would start supporting it and they would NEVER be able to reverse direction and destroy the entire program, Keep it negative and keep it in the News, Fire people up against it, It is NOT Medical Cannabis that has failed, Your elected officials have failed the people they represent by refusing to follow the will of the voters and properly regulate the new industry that the people voted for. Back door sabotage is all this amounts to! And use the Fed`s to do their dirty work for them! The underground market drives Crime & Corruption, When was the last time you heard of an elected official or cop taking a bribe to look the other way for bootlegging Alcohol, That basically ended when Alcohol Prohibition Ended, so did the gang murders and it`s black market, People need to wake up and realize just what is going on here- Our elected officials are definitely NOT looking out for the people they are supposed to represent, I have said it before and I will say it again, The Corporations are in control of this Country – NOT the Citizens! And NOW we have a choice between a “Social Engineer” and a former “Corporate CEO” fighting for the White House, We are in “Real” trouble NOW!

  • DonDig

    Dictating who can do what to their own bodies is just as bad as restricting religious freedom. It’s no one else’s business, and calling attention to it, just creates a problem where there was none. If we let people who think they know better, have control over our bodies, there’s no freedom of any kind. What’s next: thought control?

    Cannabis should never have been criminalized!!!!

    You assert cannabis has no medicinal value? The US government patent office would appear to disagree with you. US Patent on Cannabis THC for use regarding various nervous system ailments.

    Cured Too: A Cannabis Story (A film by David Triplett)

  • Go Away

    You’re an idiot. I could expand on that, but it’s pretty clear you lack the ability to understand so such would be an exercise in futility. Instead, I’ll leave you with this thought: Next time you feel the need to share, just remember that you are an idiot with an opinion not worth sharing.

    We’ll all be much happier.

  • dfsgdfsdfsgdsfgfdsg

    Brain damage? That was from a study in the 70s where scientists asphyxiated monkeys by pumping smoke in a gas mask. The marijuana wasn’t what caused the damage, the lack of oxygen was. Also, smoking isn’t the only method of getting marijuana in your system.

    • Connor

      I totally agree! This fuckin wacko has no evidence that weed is bad for you! I have mates that have been smoking weed since they were 17 and now they are successful people who own businesses! Weed helps people through pain! Rant over

  • Jane

    I am filled with such hope when I scroll down to comment section after reading fear-mongering mj propaganda articles. The comments are full of people trying to spread the truth.

    The Tides Are Turning.

    This is about saving our country billions spent on the War on Drugs. Lessening violence in Mexico. Restoring a low-cost medicine to the people – a medicine that pharmaceutical companies can’t control. It is about restoring citizen’s faith in our justice system. Otherwise law abiding citizens fear the cops (who they would otherwise respect) due to our country’s draconian policies.

    It’s time for a change.

  • Shame on The Daily Californian editorial staff for allowing such a biased piece of trash get published. I agree with the comment from JoeMax requesting citations, Roger Morgan, what are your sources for this article? 98%, huh? Show me. “While isolated components of the marijuana may have medicinal value, the entire plant does not.” Again, citation please? Actually the interplay of cannabinoids is what makes cannabis special, something that Big Phara will never recreate in their labs (though their marketing machines will tell us differently). As for Mr. Morgan’s “testing by the FDA”, I suppose that Eastern medicine has no value then because it’s not FDA approved? The FDA approved high-fructose corn syrup and trans-fats, I suppose those are good for us because the FDA approves? You know obesity is a problem in children, right?

    This is exactly the kind of uninformed sentiment that is born of the Reefer Madness and the War on Drugs that Mr. Nixon and Reagan made us believe is true. We all know that Nixon put marijuana on the Schedule I Controlled Substances list so that he could get rid of the hippys on the Whitehouse lawn, so anti-American, those war protesters. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Reagan: “I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast”. Do you believe that Mr. Morgan? If that were true, I’d be an invalid, not someone with an engineering degree and an MBA from some of the finest schools in the United States… all while smoking copious amounts of cannabis.

    I suggest that everyone (Mr. Morgan included) get the facts and decide for yourself. Here is an excellent reference source of over 600 pages of legitimate medical articles & abstracts and news stories explaining the science and testing behind marijuana as medicine:
    Roger Morgan, get the real facts, you should be ashamed of yourself for publishing this drivel.

  • esotericknowledge

    LOL. “Everyone is lying except me!” is Roger Morgan’s basis. I’ve heard this song before. Marijuana does have have known ingredients and dosage and potency is reproducible. The reason for concern about medicines dosage and potency applies to drugs that are dangerous and toxic at high dosages.

    How ever did and do indigenous people cope without medicines in pill form, it must be terrible, oh wait — they use plant medicines! What the corrupt FDA and pharma companies do not want is people to learn the old knowledge and grow their medicine. Roger Morgan also claims that smoking is not an acceptable delivery method, but there is no explanation for this view — I think if you ask “Why?”, you will get an answer like: “Uh.”

    Medical marijuana smoking is breaking a taboo, that people with closed and narrow minds just can’t rationally handle.

    Marijuana does not cause brain damage; it does not cause psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoia, or suicidal depression — idiots who call themselves doctors and scientists find people who have these problems and find, oh my God!…you smoke marijuana!…that must be the cause!…this is idiot science…the people they study probably all drink milk too…but they aren’t clambering to claim milk causes these mental health problems…because milk isn’t the scary taboo.

    Society will not be protecting the youth by banning marijuana — it will violate your civil rights and protect Roger Morgan from coping with the reality of the situation. The hoax is Roger Morgan.

  • JoeMax

    The article is lacking something: citations.

    Where does the author get his statistics, like “98 percent of the patients aren’t suffering from serious illness”? And what is the definition of “serious illness”? The article is shot through with such baseless assertions, like “scientific research has shown…”. What scientific research? By whom, when and where? Assertion is not evidence.

    It reminds me of the claim made by Senator John Kyl (R-Arizona) on floor of the Senate that abortion is “…well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does.” Kyl’s office had to walk it back later saying that Kyl’s statement “wasn’t intended to be a factual statement,” which, among other things, got him ridiculed by both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

    Is Mr Morgan’s “98 percent” assertion meant to be a factual statement?

    I’m frankly shocked that the Daily Cal editorial board would greenlight such a poorly strung together collection of hearsay and right-wing talking points. I’m certain there must be better conservative spokespersons on the issue than Mr. Morgan, who once accused Glen Beck (of all people) of having “sold out to George Soros.” (See: – unlike Mr. Morgan, I give citations.)

    Somehow Mr. Morgan believes that draconian legal prohibition of marijuana will make marijuana use disappear. Forty years of the “War on Drugs” has demonstrated, yet again, that prohibition does not work. Here’s my assertion: closing the dispensaries will have the almost immediate consequence of putting more money in the hands of Mexican drug lords. Because people will still buy marijuana, but they won’t be buying it from clean, safe, tax paying dispensaries that obtain it from state-licensed local growers, but buying it from black market street dealers that obtain it from murderous thugs.

  • Jacob Maloney

    I wonder if the writer actually knows that their making false points. If so…that is even worse.

  • My wife has stage IV, metastatic breast cancer. She is currently being treated at a major cancer hospital as a participant in a phase I clinical trial that has miraculously held off this dreaded disease for going on three years now. In all she has endured almost twenty years of treatments. Last year, after having lost over thirty pounds due to anorexia directly related to the trial drugs, she was told that she must stop losing weight or they would have to remove her from the trial. None of the standard anti-emetic worked for her and out of desperation, she tried cannabis. It worked almost immediately, allowing her to regain some of the weight and continue on the trial!

    Having had this experience, I began a quest for greater understanding of cannabis and I have since met with many people who use it for pain relief. When you compare the addictive properties of cannabis to other, legal substances it shows great promise. It does work in some instances and those folks who benefit from it are either completely off their opiate based drugs or have dramatically reduced their use. For these folks it is a wonderful thing to be out from under the malaise of a much more addictive substance. The NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) refuses to allow further, unfettered study claiming that it can only be studied “as a substance of abuse” even though its addictive properties are on par with that of caffeine. Its properties are very different from the much more highly addictive properties of tobacco, opiates or alcohol and its toxicity is far less than aspirin or caffeine.

    Our reticence to allow cannabis to be considered as a legitimate medicine stems from a complex situation that is governed by years of disinformation, fear and ignorance. In my experience, the people who are most adamant that cannabis has no use are the ones who make a living eradicating it. President Nixon, who was exposed as one of the most crooked politicians this country has ever known, started the modern “war” on cannabis by ignoring the facts and the advice of his own commission on the subject. He did it for political gain and nothing else.

    Now our government seems to be stuck in a situation that prevents them from allowing a sincere look at the facts. Forty years of anti “marijuana” campaign has blinded our leadership into thinking that cannabis prohibition, medical or otherwise, is good for us and we now have some 70% of the population that agree that cannabis should be allowed for medicinal purposes.

    It is time for us to speak out! Contact your Representatives, Senators, Governors, Administrators, Judges, and the President and tell them; “It’s time to stop playing games with our lives, listen to the People and remove cannabis from the schedule of controlled drugs.” The President can do it: 21 USCS § 811. Authority and criteria for classification of substances (a) Rules and regulations of Attorney General… (2) remove any drug or other substance from the schedules if he finds that the drug or other substance does not meet the requirements for inclusion in any schedule.

    • AnOski

      Your wife is the minority. I’m glad she was able to benefit from the use of the drug, but it should be regulated as any other narcotic. Vicodin, Oxytocin, and other painkillers are regulated. If marijuana is to be used for similar things in similar situations, it should be regulated just as stringently.

      • Truth Seeker

        Vicodin and Oxytocin are highly toxic and kill many people. Cannabis on the other hand is not. Why would your wonderful FDA want to give you pills that a bad for you and deny you the right to safe and effective natural medicine? Have you never stopped to question why the FDA won’t regulate a medicine that has been proven effective for 5,000 years?

      • Truth Seeker

        You’re lack of compassion towards genuinely sick fellow human beings is borderline inhuman. Have you no soul whatsoever?

      • esotericknowledge

        You can’t regulate any plant on this earth.

        • I_h8_disqus

          That doesn’t make any sense. Lots of plants are regulated. Try to grow a pot plant in your front yard, and you will find out very quickly that plants can be regulated.

          • esotericknowledge

            You are having trouble telling yourself from ideas as well — it’s you who doesn’t make any sense.

    • I_h8_disqus

      I bet nobody here has an issue with your wife using pot. We have an issue with the questionable ethics of the system set up to get her pot. She should be able to go to her hospital or pharmacy and get it in a form that is safer, has fewer side effects, and is more effective. She should also not have to interact with the majority of card holders who are not sick. Your wife deserves better than to have to hang around the next best thing to a head shop to get something that will help her.

  • Chris

    This author is completely wrong on so many levels, ie. brain damage, claiming it’s not medicine, etc. I hate this argument with ignorant and naive people, so I won’t even start. I just hope readers out there can not buy into one stupid person’s opinion who just happens to have the ability to reach thousands of people thru a news article.

    I would like to see this guy’s medical degree, then he can talk about it not being medicine. What a joker.

  • Sandydog

    “Marijuana ban would protect youth, families” because it’s worked so far. Roger Morgan of, you are one propaganda machine.

  • Johnny oneye

    “America has declined in the world academically, with 1.2 million high school drop outs, “more than 6.1 million kids being raised by grandparents or in foster homes and an annual cost to the nation for substance abuse of more than $1 trillion

    Kids dont want to hear your LIES thats why they drop out!
    After you Drug Warriors put all the parents in Jail all the role models changed to alcoholic caretakers.

    Keep pushing your LIES on the youth of today
    some might be dumbeddown like most cannabis prohibitionist like yourself

    Hey if you should get prostate cancer go as a Dr for help, stop playing doctor

    Cannabis is safer than tap water, and cannabinoids are way over yourhead
    so stick to what you know . it adds to your “sillyness” as a medical report

  • Chad

    The last 3 presidents used marijuana…so we should blame all of our current political problems on Marijuana. The decline of our nation is directly related to marijuana. blah blah blah. Your article is full of misleading info. The truth is that the prohibition of marijuana has caused extensive damage to our country with monetary and social costs that are exponentially higher than any damage that marijuana does to society. It has been used for over 10,000 years with not one proven death. In fact it is a much safer substance than alcohol or tobacco. Of course we all wants kids to stay drug and alcohol free. The most effective way to keep kids away from substances is through education not arresting people and putting them in jail. The USA has 25% of the world’s prison population while only 5% of the worlds population. Regulation does work. Just look at the Netherlands where marijuana is sold in coffee shops and their youth has only 1/2 of the use that American teens have with none of the violence and overcrowded prisons that we do. Al Capone was a gangster because of alcohol prohibition and many criminals exist only because of marijuana prohibition. Take away prohibition and you take away the criminals source of revenue.

    • I_h8_disqus

      It isn’t a good comparison to say the lack of marijuana use by the youth in the Netherlands is related to their drug laws. Their culture is very different from what you have here in California, and that is the main reason for the youth in the Netherlands to act differently than the youth here.

      • esotericknowledge

        It’s not a good comparison because it causes cracks in your delusion.

        • AnOski

          Lol. “I disagree with you. You are therefore delusional.” Pothead reasoning at its finest.

          • esotericknowledge

            Is pothead reasoning like black reasoning, bigot? You call people stupid because you are psychologically projecting and you are an insecure manipulative bully who needs to re-establish your delusion of dominance over others.

          • I_h8_disqus

            You need to sober up, because you are now trying to call AnOski a racist, when he is just saying that your reasoning seems off as if you were currently stoned.

          • esotericknowledge

            Strawman argument. I never called AnOski a racist. Bigotry can mean any group, did you not know that?…you want to admit you are wrong?

        • I_h8_disqus

          Here is an example of a couple of reasons that marijuana laws are not passing around the country. First, the pot smoker’s logic makes us think that pot messes with your ability to reason and must hurt the brain. Second, the pot smoker looks like he will say anything so he can get access to pot. If you want people to support legal marijuana, then you have to stop sounding like Jeff Spicoli, telling lies, or spinning the truth. The way California handles legal pot won’t make very many believe that this is anything other than a scam to allow people to get high.

          • esotericknowledge

            We destroy your lies all day, and all you can do is psychologically project because your rotten, insecure ego can’t consciously deal with the fact that you are the one who is failing in logic and you are the stupid one.

  • Tom

    Dear Roger,

    Let’s see some citations PLEASE!

    Capable reader able to sort through primary literature to tell if you’re BSing

    • Johnny oneye

      not the “children” they are forcefed this propaganda

  • Mike

    Wether it’s bad or not is irrelevent. Who are you to decide what someone should be allowed to consume in the safety and comfort of their own private property. You’re just as dirty as every one else in the world just in a different way. You have no right to tell people what they should be allowed to do with their personal lives.

    • I_h8_disqus

      I won’t go for the complete libertarian view like you do. I think it is in the public good for us to not have people doing things in their homes that can harm them. Our resources are too often spent on health costs for people who can’t make intelligent decisions about what they do to themselves. If you want to smoke, drink, or do anything you want in your home, then you just need to agree to pay the extra insurance or the extra taxes that will cover your future health costs.

      • esotericknowledge

        By controlling me, you will be owning me. You don’t own me. You don’t own the plants of this earth. Marijuana does not harm people, so what are you talking about. On that subject, people smoke cigarettes and drink in their homes, so your belief structure falls apart with minor examination. Oh yeah, taxes…scary living a community isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be better to live in selfish-deny land?

        • AnOski

          And heroin and meth, too. They don’t cause adverse effects if used in moderation. They may be more addictive, but people should be able to make those decisions for themselves.

          Except…sometimes, people don’t seem to know what’s best for them. Which is why we have things like the FDA, laws, police, etc.

          If we’re going to allow things like drinking and smoking, people who smoke and drink should be required to pay for the increased health insurance coverage that they are going to require as people with higher risks of numerous debilitating/terminal/extraordinarily costly diseases.

          Smoking marijuana has no adverse side effects? Really? You’re inhaling smoke. We all know what smoking does, and how it increases the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema, etc.

          Pothead is as pothead does.

          • Truth Seeker

            “Pothead is as pothead does.”

            What a disgusting excuse for a human being you are spouting such ignorant, bigotry and prejudice.

          • AnOski

            Lol. Just because I don’t need psychotropic substances to have fun doesn’t make me any better than any other race, ethnicity, or creed.

          • esotericknowledge

            You just contradicted yourself.

          • I_h8_disqus

            Now there is bigotry and prejudice against pot smokers. Everybody is a victim.

          • esotericknowledge

            What’s your point? There is no bigotry and prejudice against pot smokers? Just come out and say it. You think shaming people is going to stop people from challenging you?

          • esotericknowledge

            You are talking about cigarette smoking. Marijuana does not have those effects.

          • I_h8_disqus

            Seriously? You think that marijuana smoke doesn’t have the bad health effects of other smoke?

          • esotericknowledge

            Yeah, that’s real life, maybe you should go to your local library and learn about it, and then you can join us in reality.

          • I_h8_disqus

            What library taught you that any kind of inhaled smoke does not harm you?

          • esotericknowledge

            You are an emotional vampire. You are lying again, I never said: “any kind of inhaled smoke does not harm you”. Who said that? You did. You want to follow the line of dialog now? You want to start again? Go ahead. You wanna poke and prod normal human beings to find out how they react with emotions you don’t have?

          • I_h8_disqus

            Your not going to go all Twilight on me, please. I asked you if you thought marijuana smoke didn’t have the bad health effects of other smoke. Your response was “Yeah, that’s real life.” How am I lying, when you said “Yeah.”

          • esotericknowledge

            I know your goal is to mentally tire your opponent so you never have to deal with a challenge.

          • DoubleOhNine

            The effects of marijuana smoke have not been clearly established. Some studies support that it causes damage to the lungs and other studies suggest that the other ingredients outside of THC work to counteract the harmful effects of smoking. It has also been demonstrated that it may have anti-carcinogenic properties. The problem is that little research has been done. There are a lot of social “realities” that are false regarding this drug. Due to these false realities there is stigma associated with anyone who uses marijuana, which leads to your stereotypical “pothead” and “stoner” thoughts. It’s hard to imagine that someone that uses cannabis could be educated and challenge your opinions with science, scary isn’t it?

          • I_h8_disqus

            I do know quite a few cannabis users who are educated and smart. None of them make claims that marijuana smoke is harmless. The largest and most comprehensive study, which has just gone past 20 years shows that moderate use, one joint or pipe a day, doesn’t affect lung function. However, they found that heavy usage did affect lung function. They were only measuring lung function. It is just foolish for anyone with intelligence or who has read the scientific research to think that any kind of smoke doesn’t have carcinogenic properties. Sure it might not kill you, but it adds to the other types of smoke and smog you inhale every day, which can hurt many people.
            People who are serious about getting medicine related to marijuana should talk to more professional and qualified doctors about actual marijuana based medicines like Marinol, Cesamet, or Sativex, though Sativex is only approved in Canada and Europe.

          • I_h8_disqus

            Just looking at how many down votes you got for your post tells me that while pot smoking may not be a great health risk, too many pot smokers are not capable of simple critical thinking.

          • yourmom5

            show me the bodies or stfu… there are no lung cancer cases filling hospitals from smoking pot. the research has been done and is conclusive.. cannabis kills cancer cells by several modes of action..tobacco does not.

          • AnOski

            So you want me to prove that inhaling smoke regularly harms your lungs? Countless studies over the past fifty+ years have done that.

        • I_h8_disqus

          You can’t be a Cal student with that stoner’s logic. Nobody is owning you just because we won’t let you do whatever you want for free. You didn’t seem to notice that I was not picking any particular vice when I mentioned that people should be responsible for what they do. Including cigarettes and alcohol does not hurt the “belief structure”, because people who abuse anything should have to pay extra for their own health problems.

          • Your ignorance is staggering. Cannabis does not create any major health problem, the way currently legal substances do. Owning cutlery can always lead to getting cuts, so I suppose those who want knives and forks need to pay more too. I guess thrill sports like bunjee jumping are out of the question, eh?

          • I_h8_disqus

            What did I write that was ignorant? Did you see me write that weed created any major health problems? No. I commented on the post that said people should be able to do whatever they want. What is ignorant is comparing cutlery to things that people do that are likely to give them health problems that will cost the rest of us. You want to use knives to cut your food. Go ahead. Current healthcare and insurance can cover your band-aid. You want to smoke or drink or eat yourself into a hospital, then you should pay a premium on your health insurance. You can make your own decisions until you require the rest of us to pay for the results. Then you should have to either follow the rules that the community sets, or your pull out your wallet to pay for the privilege.

          • esotericknowledge

            Yes you did. You’re just a manipulative parasite looking for attention by lying.

          • esotericknowledge

            Oh I’m stupid now. You are insulting me falsely when you can’t even comprehend logic.

          • I_h8_disqus

            Tell me how your were being logical. I am more than willing to admit I was wrong if you can make a logical argument.

          • AnOski

            They haven’t. They just keep saying pot isn’t bad for you, in the face of science. And then they say you’re a bigot for saying that smoking a psychotropic substance like pot all day will affect how they think and act.

            It’s pathetic.

          • esotericknowledge

            That’s not what is happening, you are not perceiving correctly.

          • esotericknowledge

            Already did, so what is your goal? To go around in circles lying?

          • AnOski

            All I see is a bunch of idiots trying to legitimize their drug use. If this article were on heroin use, I would expect the same from those users.

    • peepsqueek

      As a Country, we eat too much, drink too much, and smoke too much, then we want the Government to fix the over crowded health care system. Most of the people being treated or dying from self inflicted health problems cannot afford the cost of dying, and the struggling taxpayers have to pickup the tab or the insurance companies have to raise our premiums. The point is, all tax payers have a right to be vocal on any subject, especially if they have to pay for it one way or another.

      • Nunya Beeswax

        Ah, so when the government interferes with one of your vices or hobbies then we live in a “nanny state” : but when you wish to interfere with the enjoyment of substances which harm only the user, you have a whole quiver of excuses. Good on you, pal.

        • I_h8_disqus

          Nothing only harms the user. We all get to pay for the health care of any harmed user. All we want is for people with the freedom to harm themselves to pay for the care they require after harming themselves. Pay some extra insurance, and you can smoke.

          • The most damaging substances people take are legal ones: alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals. Cannabis causes relatively few health problems.

            A little perspective is needed. Therefore if anyone need pay more, it is not the cannabis users.

          • I_h8_disqus

            You suck smoke into your lungs on a regular basis, you pay. Cannabis smoke is not healthy smoke. It will cause you lung issues just like any other smoke. You want to get high, I will tell you like I have in other articles about this topic. Eat or drink your “medicine”.

          • esotericknowledge

            Fantasy land fiction.

          • I_h8_disqus

            What is fantasy land fiction about smoke hurting your lungs? Are you with big tobacco, and trying to pretend that smoke doesn’t hurt people?

          • esotericknowledge

            Try to follow along, we never were talking about big tobacco, that’s you trying to change the conversation because your ego is losing the debate. What’s wrong? Getting bored when your victims fight back? You just exposed yourself to all these people trying to manipulate me.

          • AnOski

            No, this wasn’t about big tobacco. It was about how everyone knows big tobbaco is made up of emotionless profiteering hacks who try to convince people that smoke (even secondhand) doesn’t hurt people.

            And you’re saying the same thing so that you can justify getting high. It’s laughable.

          • Brendan Lynch

            there is not a single example of marijuana-only smokers getting any form of lung cancer or any form of lung disease. In addition, there have been many studies that show that marijuana smoke doesn’t even decrease your lung capacity. This argument is completely irrelevant. And please, if you can disprove this with an ACTUAL medical case, then please feel free to.

          • AnOski





            But who would have thought that regularly inhaling smoke and other fine sooty particulates would cause lung cancer and respiratory trouble? It’s not like it doesn’t happen to firemen. Lol.

          • grawss

            The first one, esrj, is from the Cannabis and Respiratory Disease Group, which has absolutely zero incentive to say they’re wrong. That’s as biased as it gets. They also don’t account for adding tobacco to joints, which is very common in non-American countries and can account for the increased lung cancer due to the lack of filter (making a spliff worse than a cigarette, depending on the amount of tobacco). Lastly, their sample size in incredible small.

            The second link, from chestnet, has a whole 40 marijuana smokers in their study. That is >nothing< for a study such as this. I think I have to sign up for something to read the full article, so I don't think it's worth reading for such a small sample size.

            The third link, from dx.doi, had a sample size of 12 marijuana-only smokers, with even less on a few of their tests. That is negligible. Ignoring that, I couldn't read too much into it because I do not know what the hell they're talking about. For me to make a proper argument against this study (again, ignoring their sample size), I'd have to know which of these abnormalities, together or alone, contribute to cancer or other negative respiratory effects. "Abnormal" simple means "different from most," so for all I know the abnormalities shown in this study could be a good thing.

            The fourth link goes to the same place as the third, telling me that you didn't actually read these studies. Sad.

            Here's a pretty good list of marijuana studies:

            Of course, the problem with so few studies is prohibition. It's pretty difficult to get studies approved when the substance being studied is illegal. With that in mind, every study that controls for tobacco use (both inside joints and out) has come up with absolutely no link to cancer. None. Some have even found evidence that marijuana reduced tumor growth or fights it off altogether.

            With all this in mind, I'd also like to point out that smoking marijuana is not the only method of consuming marijuana. "Regularly inhaling smoke", as you say, is not necessary to use marijuana. Keep that in mind while spouting off studies you haven't even read.

          • DoubleOhNine

            I agree completely with you, I would also like to add that another reason so few studies occur regarding marijuana is because big drug companies cannot patent its medicinal use because it is a naturally occurring. As a result, major pharmaceutical corporations do not want to waste the money getting a drug approved by the FDA that will be immediately available to its competitors upon approval.

          • DoubleOhNine

            @AnOski the study revealing that second hand smoke was dangerous to others was false. If you read and can understand the study, which many average people cannot, you will read that there wasn’t a statistically significant difference in occurrence of cancer in those exposed to secondhand smoke and those who were not. Health organizations and media used the small difference between the groups to push there agendas because the average person is incapable of understanding exactly how statistics and scientific studies occur. Your average person will see that there is a difference between the groups, however; the difference is small enough that the observed difference was more likely due to chance than there actually being a difference between the two groups being studied.

          • Sandydog

            @I_h8_disqus: not everyone smokes cannabis. You ‘can’ eat, drink or vape cannabis. Get with the program if you’re going to complain about it. btw, you’re wrong about the lung issues.

          • I_h8_disqus

            You are the one that is not with the program. Most users still smoke instead of using the other options, and all smoke hurts the lungs. Trying to say that smoke of any kind doesn’t hurt you just makes you look like the same lying swine that make up big tobacco lobby firms.

          • peepsqueek

            They already do pay more, a lot more, and it still is not enough to cover all the damages, to include up to 17,000 people a year killed by drunk drivers and up to a half million terminal cancers from tobacco. But the point you are missing is that all tax payers have a right to be vocal on any subject, especially if they have to pay for it one way or another.

          • Sandydog

            Dont’ forget sugar, refined sugar is very bad and very additive.

        • peepsqueek

          To Nunya Beeswax-
          Anything that harms you, harms me. If you were on my team, I want you as healthy as you can be. If you were my doctor, lawyer, business rep or representative in Washington, driving my taxi, etc., I want you as healthy and sharp as you can be. If you are the police or fire department, same thing. And especially my children, who I love very much, I want you as healthy and sharp as you can be.

          • Tobias Bluth

            You’re an idiot and you should feel bad.

          • peepsqueek

            I don’t feel bad, I feel great. If you have nothing intelligent to contribute, I understand that also.

          • sandydog5

            not realist 24/7

          • peepsqueek

            Can you be more specific? What is factual basis for your conclusion?