UC Berkeley enrolls fewer out-of-state students, more underrepresented minorities

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The percentage of out-of-state students enrolled in this year’s freshman class at UC Berkeley decreased while the percentage of underrepresented minorities increased, according to enrollment data released Thursday by the campus.

Out-of-state enrollment decreased to 24 percent of the class, compared to 30 percent last year. This is the first time in at least three years that the percentage of nonresidents enrolled has decreased. Freshman underrepresented minority enrollment increased for the second year in a row, jumping from last year’s 14.3 percent to about 16 percent this year.

The decline in nonresidents enrolled in this year’s freshman class is reflective of the campus admitting fewer out-of-state students. In March, the campus admitted about 12 percent fewer international and about 13 percent fewer domestic out-of-state freshman applicants than it did the year before due to the unexpectedly high number of nonresidents who enrolled in fall 2011.

Two years ago, campus officials began efforts to increase the proportion of nonresident students to 20 percent of the total campus undergraduate student body. Reaching this target would generate $60 million in additional revenue per year for the campus, according to a fall 2010 interview with Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer. Nonresident students pay close to $23,000 more in tuition and other fees than in-state students.

Last year, nonresidents constituted about 16 percent of total undergraduates. According to campus spokesperson Janet Gilmore, that number is expected to remain the same this year.

Between 2007 and 2010, the percentage of underrepresented minorities enrolled in incoming freshman classes decreased — dropping from 15.2 percent of newly enrolled freshmen in 2007 to 13.9 percent in 2010, compared to about 16 percent this year.

“We are very pleased with the increase; it speaks to the excellent preparation of the applicants and their understanding that Berkeley is an outstanding institution at which they can achieve their educational dreams,” said Anne De Luca, associate vice chancellor of admissions and enrollment, in an email.

The percentage of minority students — which includes black, Hispanic and American Indian students — among newly enrolled transfer students also increased from 20.7 in fall 2011 to about 26 percent this fall.

“It truly is a campus-wide effort of many individuals and offices, as well as community organizations that create the positive result,” De Luca said in the email.

Afsana Afzal is the lead Academics and Administration reporter.

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  • ktgil


  • McCoy

    Oh great , more GDIs that’s whats this university needs !
    (i’m being fucking sarcastic you damn NF pussies)

  • taxpayer200

    All paying students at the UCs and Cal States must be aware that one third of their tuition goes to pay for the disadvantaged. Also paying students must cover the children of the college employees even though these college employees are some of the be st paid in the state.
    These are tax supported institutions who are playing games with other peoples money. All who attend and pay their own tuition should be given the opportunity to opt out of this third of the tuition if they disagree.
    Write your congressman or woman to get this practice stopped.
    The colleges can fund the needy from their fund raising.

    • reader

      Sorry, children of UC employees don’t get their tuition covered by others.

  • HaleBruin

    You may notice that the advocates of Affirmative Action conveniently ignore the fantastic success story of Asian-Americans They are deliberately excluded as a minotiry, and are certaintly not underrepresentated. Maybe one reason is that they embellish the glaring deficiencies of such a program, and the inability of other groups to improve themselves.

    • libsrclowns

      The AAers are not big fans of meritocracy. Can anyone show that our education is significantly improved by having a bunch of AA admits?

    • Guest

      Except that affirmative action is usually considered to apply to socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. Which is NOT Asian-Americans, considering that they on average make more money than a white:


      • Guest

        Affirmative action does not consider socioeconomic status. It is strictly based on race, ethnicity and gender.

      • Guest

        Are you factoring education when comparing income levels? Asian Americans still have to face racism; just one piece of evidence is the obvious stereotypes being propagated on comment boards like this one.

      • Stan De San Diego

        “Except that affirmative action is usually considered to apply to
        socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. Which is NOT Asian-Americans,
        considering that they on average make more money than a white”

        They also tend to value hard work and education, as well as intact families. Funny how that works.

      • Calipenguin

        There are many low income Asian families. They live in the same blighted neighborhoods as other low income minorities, but face the same high admission standards as wealthy Asians when applying for colleges that take race into consideration. Ironically these low income Asians benefit from programs designed to unfairly boost Black and Latino admission at UC and CSU.

  • Guest

    In the UC system, underrepresented minority means that a lower percentage of a certain ethnic or racial minority group minimally qualifies for admission to a UC than the percentage of whites minimally qualified for admission to a UC. The percentage qualified by Berkeley standards in comparison to whites is a fraction of those minimally qualified for the UC system; hence underrepresented minorities should comprise a very small percentage of students admitted to Berkeley if applicants were being judged without regard to race or ethnicity. All of the underrepresented groups combined should comprise not 16% but at most 6% of admitted students. Whites below upper middle class are the only group that is underrepresented at Berkeley and in the UC system overall. It is incomprehensible why admitting more less academically qualified members of certain racial and ethnic groups due to having admission standards that are significantly less selective for applicants with underrepresented status is something to be celebrated. Why do UC administrators have such a hatred of whites, particularly middle and lower middle class white state resident applicants?

    • Calipenguin

      It might be hatred, but I choose to believe that the UC administrators simply look at whites as a convenient pool of docile, powerless applicants who can’t play the race card every time UC reduces their numbers in order to relieve pressures to increase enrollment of an ethnic minority group with grievances.

      • Guest

        “We are very pleased with the increase…….” said Anne De Luca, Associate Vice Chancellor of Admissions and Enrollment.
        We, the people of California have been informed that UC Berkeley Admissions and Enrollment is administered by racists; otherwise, Admissions and Enrollment would not be “very pleased” that the percentages of certain ethnic/racial groups increased. Since this is not a positive sum game, the corollary is that Admissions and Enrollment is “very pleased” that the percentages of certain other ethnic/racial groups decreased; in particular whites, who were already extremely under represented, and not by UC’s contrived definition of underrepresentation, but actually underrepresented in terms of those competitively qualified to be admitted to Berkeley among California high school graduates. None of the UC defined underrepresented groups are actually underrepresented with regard to those competitively qualified to be admitted. In fact, the UC defined underrepresented ethnic/racial groups are the most overrepresented when the standard and common sense definition is given to the term, namely those underrepresented in consideration of being competitively qualified to be admitted.

        • libsrclowns

          We reverse discriminate against whites so it’s cool. Little white Cal kiddies should think long and hard about who they vote for. Libs are the enemy in the meritocracy fight.