Barbour, Birgeneau get around giving score predictions for Saturday’s game

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In the last few weeks, I’ve asked the same question to almost everyone I interviewed for an upcoming football feature: Can you give me a score prediction for the Cal-Nevada game?

Much to my chagrin, none of them answered.

John Wilton, Vice Chancellor for administration and finance, was surprised I even asked him.

“A score prediction?” he said. “I’d be the worst person to ask, given my British background. So I’m gonna stay away from that.”

Athletic Director Sandy Barbour was a bit more descriptive but would not go as far as providing an actual prediction.

“I believe that this team is focused, ready to go. I think we’ve got the talent and the experience level at some of those key positions,” she said. “I think we’re really gonna take a lot of people by storm, because I think we’re gonna have a fabulously successful season.”

For what it’s worth, Robert Birgeneau probably had the best answer. He told me that he didn’t become Chancellor by making score predictions.

With that said, I’m going with Cal winning 41-24. I wasn’t ever going to become Chancellor, anyway.