Students victims of armed robbery south of UC Berkeley campus

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Two students were the victims of an armed robbery Sunday night near the intersection of Channing Way and Ellsworth Street.

At approximately 9 p.m., one male and one female student were near a parking structure when they were approached by two unknown men, who proceeded to rob the victims of their backpacks and cell phones, according to a UCPD crime alert released Tuesday.

One of the suspects allegedly was armed with a gun, but the victims were not injured during the encounter, according to the alert.

The suspects were last seen fleeing on foot northbound on Ellsworth, according to the alert. The Berkeley Police Department and UCPD searched the area but were unable to find the suspects.

Below is the UCPD crime alert description of  the suspects:

Suspect 1 – Black male, early 20s, 5’10” tall, thin or average build, goatee, wearing a purple sweatshirt, dark pants and armed with a gun.

Suspect 2 – Black male, 5’10”, average build wearing a black sweatshirt or fleece jacket and dark pants.

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  • so I am to attend Berkeley this spring and I am an international student, do you have any advises for me… I am gonna live in Stern, the northern dorms… are they safe? what precautions I should take? what is the average,expected percentage to be robbed?

  • FoxV2

    How many times have you seen people (many students I assume) walking on the street, especially at night, with their iThings plugged in, oblivious to their surroundings? Might as well wear a sign: I’m an idiot: Mug Me

  • I_h8_disqus

    Black Cal students, don’t feel bad when I walk across the street once I see you coming towards me, but crime statistics in Berkeley make me want to avoid any black person who isn’t carrying books.

    • Calipenguin

      Or wearing Blue and Gold team uniforms. I’m sure some Black students feel dissed but they also avoid roving groups of young Black men at night.

      • I_h8_disqus

        I have two examples. I was walking by Pi Lam fraternity after Saturday’s game, and there were several young black men on the deck. I assume they were Cal students, because they were on the deck of the fraternity. However, they were dressed in the same urban culture clothes that you see every criminal suspect wearing. If I saw them on the street, I would cross over. The second example is I was still walking down the street, and I was approaching a black male wearing a button down shirt, jeans, and top-siders. I didn’t worry about him at all. Image can be everything.

        • reztips

          You make a good point. If someone dresses like a black hood, they may well be one and people who encounter them have therefore reason for concern. Why would anyone wish to wear apparel which links them with the clothing disgusting thugs wear?

  • reztips

    These anal passages rob and assault Berkeley residents because they know that Bay Area judges (who themselves doubtless took ethnic studies bullshit courses) will give them a slap on the wrist at best when it comes to sentencing as the predators’ attorneys will cry about their defendants’ sad, sad ghetto upbringing and the judges and E. Bay juries will cave.
    In jail (if even they get jail time), the culprits will get to lift weights, listen to rap and hip hop to their heart’s content, and fuck one another in the ass until sated. So when they leave the pokey (well named), they will have no trouble reoffending as they have little fear of another paid vacation in their next short jail stay…

  • guest

    Can’t blame the police. The city council and the county have made Berkeley (eastbay) a welfare haven, where everyone is welcomed! Berkeley, especially southside is filthy, because that’s what the residents want, and filth attracts filth…And good luck trying to get a concealed permit in this area..

  • 20/15

    Sooner or later, a student will fight back and will become seriously injured. Only then will the police and community actually do something.

    • Stan De San Diego

      Being this is Berkeley, they will blame the privileged student for picking on some poor underrepresented type who didn’t have “access” to something or other…

  • Worried Cal Dad

    Seems like crime in UC Berkeley is ramping up. Every single day. I am worried as my daughter still has three more years. Great school, great place, crappy law enforcement. Unfortunately, the criminals know that the students are easy targets.

    • so I am to go to UCB this spring as a pre- business student, so do you have any advices for me as an international student?

  • Calipenguin

    Welcome to South Central Berkeley, where cops are not allowed to racially profile, new students are oblivious to the predators lurking nearby, and high end electronics are visible everywhere. The streets are not an extension of your lecture halls or dorms. They are a long distance extension of East Oakland and Compton.

  • g

    whats going on here? how come this happening every week/day how come the police is not doing enough?