Five men’s water polo players removed from team

Five Cal men’s water polo players were removed from the team, head coach Kirk Everist confirmed Monday.

The players were suspended indefinitely for violating the team’s code of conduct. The players were senior goalie Justin Parsons, sophomore attacker Max Bergeson, junior attacker Perry Short, junior attacker Tommy Gilfillan and sophomore attacker Nick Santala.

The Daily Californian will continue to monitor this story.

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  • integritymatters

    Whenever any members of a NCAA team get removed the DC reports on it. That is all that matters. When it is 5 TEAM MEMBERS you can be sure as hell that will go noticed. We don’t know what they did but it was clearly important enough for the coach to kick them off. I just hope it wasn’t anything that could shame the great university they play for. Good job reporting this Daily Cal and Warren Laufer.

  • Mokadee Moke

    OK, so what did they do? Visit San Francisco’s Nob Hill Adult (Gay) Theater? Grope Oski in his ying yangs? Call your mother names? Inquiring minds need to know!

  • Disappointed Reader

    I think this is a horrible article to be published, let alone “breaking news”. These men should not be subjected to this kind of press, especially when the circumstances are unknown. Naming the players is a very low thing to do- especially considering all they have done for Cal Athletics.

    • also disappointed


      • Dr Berkeley

        If 5 band members or 5 debaters or 5 members of a singing group got kicked off their teams would the DC print a story?

        • guest

          probably, yes. they are members of the school’s team. by accepting that responsibility they have accepted the public spotlight. the DC reports on university issues. this is a university issue. instead of getting mad at the people reporting the facts, get mad at the people who violated the code of conduct

          • Dr Berkeley

            probably,no. Four band members were dismissed a few years ago for hazing up at the Big C. Do you see the list of band members in the summary of dismissed athletes in the updated story? No.

    • Guest

      You can’t just pick and choose what you think people should be informed about just because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

      • HaleBruin

        Unless, of course, they are Muslim.

  • Umberto Juarez


    • Frank Chu

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      • BOBGNOTE

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        -Bob G Note
        Source: 15 years consulting experience for His High Lord Kodos

        • Tosh Lupoi

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