UC Davis police officers will not be charged with criminal conduct

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The UC Davis police officers who pepper-sprayed student protesters last November will not face criminal charges, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Officials found that upon reviewing the evidence, “there is insufficient proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the use of force involved in the November 18, 2011, pepper-spraying was unlawful and therefore warrants the filing of criminal charges,” states a press release from the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office.

Had the officers’ conduct been found unlawful, the officers would have been charged with assault with intent to cause bodily harm, regular assault or battery, said Michael Cabral, the county’s assistant chief deputy district attorney.

Last year, UC Davis police officers generated heated public response after riot police were seen pepper-spraying seated student protesters during an Occupy Davis protest. A UC-commissioned report investigating the incident was released in April and found that it “should and could have been prevented.”

UC Davis chose not to comment on the county’s decision.

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  • jdsparents

    How do we (American Society) lead by example, if we don’t even make people accountable for their no good very bad decisions? Especially, when the institution they represent is a College filled with young
    adults and future leaders.

  • Tps

    compare this with the assault charges levied against protestors for being in the vicinity of the police, sometimes brutalized