Tunes on Tuesday: Matt & Kim, Grizzly Bear, Lianne La Havas

Fader Label/Courtesy

This Tuesday is full of cracking tunes as a couple of poppy indie bands rematerialize on the scene, inspiring another bout of bouncy hipster syndrome. It’s been a while since we’ve had such enticing tracks to hop around to, but the indie gods have finally delivered the gift we’ve been craving: Matt & Kim. Their song “Now!”, which has surfaced online as a taster before the impending release of new album Lighting, is an insouciant affair, with all elements instrumental and vocal boisterously vying for attention.

The other group to resurface this week is none other than Grizzly Bear, returning with a vibrant and colorful track called “Yet Again”, off of the newly released Shields. Decidedly mellower than Matt & Kim’s “Now!”, this one prompts a more calm and gentle version of the bouncy hipster. “Yet Again” is a real charmer, complete with warm, shimmering guitar chords and entrancing melodic elegance, all delivered with effortless and carefree ease.

Outside the indie bubble, British soul songstress Lianne La Havas is quickly emerging as one of the most enchantingly original acts in the music landscape. With a versatile, silky voice and supreme flair, La Havas melts the eardrums on her new release “Forget.” The song is remarkably fresh and lithe, drawing from sources so eclectic they are impossible to identify. What’s easy to tell, however, is that “Forget” is a beautifully strange and enticing piece of magic.