UC Berkeley law students accused of decapitating exotic bird in Las Vegas

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Two men who say they are UC Berkeley law students were arrested in Las Vegas Friday for allegedly decapitating an exotic bird at a hotel.

24-year-olds Eric Cuellar and Justin Teixeira were booked into the Clark County Detention Center on suspicion of conspiracy and willful malicious torture/killing of wildlife, according to a Friday statement by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The two told police they were students at the UC Berkeley School of Law, and UC Berkeley student identification cards were found in their possession, according to the statement. Both names appear in the UC Berkeley directory.

The suspects were captured on video surveillance footage chasing the bird into some trees at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino and were then spotted by a witness emerging from the trees carrying the dead bird and its severed head, according to the statement.

The 14-year-old Helmeted Guinea Fowl belonged to the Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat attraction.

Cuellar and Teixeira could not immediately be reached for comment.

Sarah Burns is the university news editor. Contact her at [email protected].

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  • ralph foster

    “I have operated a business
    adjacent to the U. C. Berkeley campus for 40 years. From my decades of
    observations, the quality, character, and intelligence of the students
    has absolutely deteriorated.”

    • fuckugreedybastards

      Its the whole fucking state. This state will be predominately hispanic in no time. Those who seek cheap labor have ruined this state, and country. Fuck you greedy bastards.

  • More details and their mug shots are in today’s Las Vegas Sun : http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2012/oct/15/arrest-reports-details/

  • funnyjoks

    Does anyone else think this story is hilarious hahaha

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  • Guest

    Liberals care more about dead birds than about humans. Make endless excuses for thugs violently assaulting and robbing (economic injustice! institutionalized racism!), but go nuts over a dead bird.


    • guest

      Isn’t pointless harming of animals a sign of sociopathic behavior?

    • Nunya Beeswax

      -1 for graceless insertion of hackneyed political content into a non-political issue. If you’re the best Mitt Romney has to speak for him, he’s in a world of shit.

  • disqus_dh0iURWwgt

    Not to make light of this vile act by two monsters; it is rather ironic that you can read above that a law professor from UCB named CHOPER was given a prize.

  • disqus_dh0iURWwgt

    How tragic, and this poor bird had made it to 14, poor thing.

    • asdasd

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      • You’re Great

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  • Grub Man

    As a Senior Partner at a large NYC firm, I would think twice before considering a UC Berkley Law graduate for a job. Good luck Berkely.

    • disqus_dh0iURWwgt

      hey dude you mispelled Berkeley.

    • alum

      I would think twice before hiring an attorney that doesn’t check his or her spelling.

  • gobronco

    It’s an American right to be able to hunt/kill animals and birds.
    F*** you hippies , GOD BLESS AMERICA !

    • Facepalm

      Yeah. Obviously, GUNS AND ‘MERICA!!!!!

      Give me a break.

  • Why? And was it really worth it? Time to bleach the gene pool!

  • Steve

    These guys are finished as lawyers. The State Bar has a moral fitness requirement and will check for arrests and convictions. This is very public and won’t slip through the cracks. Wonder if Boalt has grounds to expel thee sociopaths.

    • disqus_dh0iURWwgt

      Think about the fear that poor bird felt as it left this planet. Those two dirt bags deserve the same fate.

      • yocoon

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    • disqus_dh0iURWwgt

      The dean of the college should be contacted and pressured to remove these two bastards from the school, please post his email address and name, if he fails to take action, get rid of him.

  • BOE_Man

    Did Dan Tanna make the bust?

  • GetOffMyLawn

    That’s not the way to get ahead in life.

  • Legal Eagle

    Apparently, Bolt’s admission standards have slipped somewhat, don’t you think? Let’s hope the school remedies this, post facto and post-haste because they couldn’t bounce these sick little felons too quickly for my taste.

  • ProudAmerican

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    • Guest

      A “stupid bird”, the conversion of which is a felony? Let’s hope these 2 clowns get *you* as their lawyer, my friend, so that we’ll never have to worry about *them* being lawyers.

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  • UHOH

    And to think these people will (possibly) end up lawyers…

    • Guest

      Not with a felony conviction on their records, they won’t.

      • disqus_dh0iURWwgt

        They should be expelled from from law school and get the punishment the fuckers deserve. That poor creature to suffer such fear at the hands of callous dirt bags.

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          • Nunya Beeswax

            Generally speaking, yes, people are more important than animals. If I have to choose between saving the family dog and saving Grandma, or my brother, the choice is pretty clear. I’m not sure how exactly that means people shouldn’t be punished for pointless cruelty.

            The creation of man in God’s image entails certain responsibilities, and the status of animals as lesser creations doesn’t justify pleasure killing or any kind of cruelty. Nor does sympathy for animals equate to sexual attraction to them, though it’s certainly an interesting window into your thinking to discover that the only two uses you have for animals are fucking them or killing them.

          • disqus_dh0iURWwgt

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          • cdselectin

            you are in the same class as those 2 ruthless guys, probably a lawyer or lawyer want to be. speaks volume about your culture.

  • Mike da Muddah

    Diminished capacity? Bet was alcohol fueled behavior.

  • Douchebag Alumnus

    Go Bears!

    • libsrclowns

      Was it a Big Bird?

  • Christie

    This is bizarre and sad.

  • fuckyacal

    I know a lot of you hippies are going to hate me for saying this, but these guys are my fuckin heros. FUCK YA BROS

    • wololo

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  • JD

    Likelihood they’re in Professor Yoo’s course?

    • fuckyacal

      I’d bet they are

  • Dr Berkeley

    More crimes by white people! I tell you — we need to start profiling all these white people — criminality is obviously part of their culture and racial makeup.

    • DJ

      One of them is Latino. But nice try with your race baiting.

      • Guest

        Both of their names are Latino, though Teixeira does not begin to approach the stereotypical appearance that most Americans associate with being Latino. Still, that would not have stopped him from benefiting from back door affirmative action in admissions similar to Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren. They are being charged with a felony. That is essentially the end of any possible careers as lawyers.

        • Jack

          How do you know this is anything like Warren? Just because he’s white doesn’t mean he’s only part Latino. He could be 100% Latino

        • H8 the Red

          Unlike Romney who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and magic underwear covering his ass?

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          • Guest

            Not exactly, Romney graduated in the top 25% of his Harvard Law Class and in the top 4% of his Harvard Business School Class. His JD and MBA degrees were earned simultaneously.

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