No competition

While UC Berkeley’s football team might not rival that of Stanford, its newspaper vastly outshines the miserable broadsheet our friends to the south unjustly call a news source.

In a stunning feat of cooperation, The Daily Californian and The Stanford Daily produced a single special issue for Saturday’s Big Game. Each organization submitted eight pages, as the format essentially presented two discrete newspapers in a single edition. On the day of publication, a few of the Daily Cal’s copy staff edited Stanford’s pages for spelling and grammar. Here’s the result:

And that’s just the front page. A few highlights:

  • Managing Editor of News Marwa Farag predicts that the final score will be 10-1 in favor of Stanford. How a team scores one point in a game of American football will remain a mystery.
  • On page two, an info box misspells the name of Stanford defensive star Terrence Brown. Similarly, the name of Gary Tyrrell, a Stanford alumnus famous for being trampled by Cal defensive back Kevin Moen in the immediate aftermath of 1982’s “The Play,” is misspelled on page six.
  • Readers of the Daily are apparently so dense that the sports staff feels it is necessary to identify players by their jersey numbers in captions even when only a single athlete appears in a photo. Such is the case with the issue’s most prominent image, which dominates the front page.

The Daily also appears to lack an understanding of comma use and even, as suggested by myriad inconsistencies, its own style. Indeed, one must wonder whether the publication employs copy editors at all.

Clearly, despite Stanford’s rather decisive victory over Cal on the football field, on the newsstand, there is no competition.

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  • Cal student

    Wow, just read and

    The maturity shown by The Stanford Daily’s staff puts The Daily Cal’s staff to shame.

    Alex Wolinsky (or whoever his boss is) should write an apology letter to The Stanford Daily for his shameful behavior and to UCB students for disgracing Cal.

  • Good read
  • stanford daily

    why you so obsessed with me?

  • James D

    I was at Cal, and the Daily Cal, in the 1980s and it’s clear from the below that some things never change–the federal government runs at a deficit, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to make mindless films, and Stanford students and alumni reply to every poke with some version of “You didn’t get in here.” Here’s some news for you–I and countless others, Missy Franklin among them, it seems, had no interest in attending Stanford. There’s nothing that smacks of insecurity more than this tiresome, and largely baseless, boast. Be happy where you attended college–I know I was.

    • STUDENT athletes

      And you know that Missy Franklin would have been academically qualified for a Stanford scholarship how, exactly?

    • Everyone at Stanford

      Great point, Jimmy! To be fair, I constructed a nice list of people who had no interest in attending Cal:

      Thanks for hosting us this past weekend — we had a great time!

      • Lullz

        Actually– a there are 9 people on that list who went to Cal for graduate school! SO HAH!

      • Are you kidding me? Who the fuck cares about what school anyone goes to? It’s all about what you do with the opportunities provided regardless of prestige or someone ELSE’S accomplishments. Stop using others to base your argument if you don’t even know the majority of their decisions.

  • We Got In

    For some, not getting into their dream school stings for a very long time. The Axe is very happy on the Stanford campus!

  • The Stanford Daily’s response
    • Double Standards

      It’s shitty journalism like this from Daily Cal chief copy editor Alex Wolinsky that smears Cal’s reputation.

      The Daily Cal Editorial Board fired a new columnist last month because she accidentally “self-plagiarized” (i.e. an opinion piece she wrote was published on a blog before she submitted it to the Daily Cal).

      Details at

      In my opinion, Alex Wolinsky has committed a far worse sin than the poor new columnist who was fired.

      If the Daily Cal had any sense of consistency, it would fire Alex Wolinsky for his disgraceful deeds, though I don’t place much hope on that happening because of the Daily Cal’s corruption (c.f. The VOICE campaign last spring).

  • nice one

    If you’re going to post an obnoxiously arrogant piece about your newspaper’s supposed journalistic superiority, you should probably do some basic fact-checking. Google “one point play football”; mystery solved in 0.25 seconds. Pardon any copy errors.

    • You fucking idiot, the PAT can’t happen without a touchdown

      • nice one

        hmm yeah. try “one-point safety.” sucks to suck, and enjoy sonoma state!

        • Ryan

          According to Wikipedia, there has never been a score of 10-1 in any college football game, so it was most likely a typo in the Stanford article.

          • nice one

            Believe it or not, it was actually just intended to be flippant. Marwa is from Egypt and could probably not care any less about “American football.” It’s only an added bonus that one point actually IS possible, which you probably should have checked pre-publish. But if it makes you feel better to think that you caught some glaring error, two thumbs up to you.

  • Marwa Farag
    • Anon

      Honestly, this defense is as nitpicky as this source article. Sure, he claimed that a score of 10-1 is impossible, which it actually is. The root of his critique is that it was an incredibly stupid prediction to make which is something I think most people would agree with.

  • cardinal

    hahahaha. the daily cal’s editor in chief is from los altos. still bitter that the childhood dream school deemed you unworthy?

    • TrulyDontCare

      It’s chill. The one thing the world desperately needs is more print copy editors. Live the dream you bitter period chasers!

  • lolo

    Stuff like this makes our school seem so insecure.

    • huhu

      Replies like these makes you seem so insecure.

    • Brendan

      Don’t worry about it. I’m the executive editor at The Daily and I met some of The Daily Cal’s staff this weekend. Many of them are wonderful and fantastic people, just like the vast majority of UC-Berkeley students I’ve met. Some confusing and unnecessary mean-spiritedness aside, I really hope we can continue this tradition next year, as it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet with and learn from fellow student journalists.