Bears stunned in five-set heartbreaker at home

At 16-15 in the fifth set, the Cal volleyball team was down to its last point. Having already fought of a previous match point, the Bears had a dwindling chance of pulling off their second upset of a top-ranked opponent. Washington delivered a shot in the final rally that appeared
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Campus completes fundraising challenge two years earlier than anticipated

UC Berkeley has established 100 new faculty chairs and gained more than $220 million in endowment funding over the last five years as part of a fundraising challenge, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau announced Monday. The campus completed the unprecedented Hewlett Challenge two years earlier than anticipated by raising $110
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Local election results have big implications

While the focus Tuesday was on the national election and some statewide measures, voters also made decisions with local implications. Alameda County Measure A1 Measure A1, which would have established a 25-year tax to raise money for the Oakland Zoo, did not receive the two-thirds supermajority it needed to pass.
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Fran Lebowitz goes road-tripping

In New York City, sometime in the early hours of October 30, a car made its way uptown. The streets were unusually empty for that hour (or any hour in NYC). A hurricane was in town and instead of the benign ambivalence with which the city usually greets new arrivals,
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‘Lincoln’ relives Abe’s legacy

If, in some deluded haze, you decided to read every biography of Abraham Lincoln, at a rate of one book per week, it would take you roughly 22 years to finish. As of February 2012, there have been approximately 15,000 books published about the beloved, accomplished and ultimately perplexing 16th
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Jasper Johns, 0 through 9, 1960; oil on canvas; 72 x 54 in. (182.8 x 137.1 cm); Collection of Helen and Charles Schwab, fractional gift to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; © Jasper Johns / Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

Exhibit spans Jasper Johns’ catalogue

Jasper Johns is an American iconoclast. Deftly maneuvering between different styles, but never committing to just one, it is obvious from the SFMOMA’s current exhibition of his works that Johns was inspired by all facets of life. The exhibit, “Jasper Johns: Seeing with the Mind’s Eye,” is a retrospective of
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