Write Some Books

November is National Novel Writing Month, so if you find yourself wishing to do something in your free time while also concentrating on growing a mustache this month, here is the right activity for you. Described as “thirty days and nights of literary abandon!” how could anyone resist? But really,
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Local Limelight: The Holdup

This week brings us another band from San Jose, with reggae hip-hop group the Holdup. The group delves into more than just your standard reggae fair though. Pop, soul and a little indie flair are all thrown in together, each track standing out from the other. Vocalist Mike Garmany’s nasally-punk voice flows over
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viewing party screenshot

2012 Election Viewing Parties with Berkeley Mayoral Candidates

Two major election viewing parties were held by Berkeley mayoral candidates November 6. These parties consist mainly of people standing around, eating and drinking, and checking screens for the slow release of local election results. Incumbent Tom Bates won the mayoral election.


Photo Gallery: Election 2012

November 6, 2012 in Berkeley began with voters hitting the polls as early as 7am. Throughout the day, Berkeley residents and students stopped by their local polling places to cast their votes and have their say in national and local issues. While results slowly started rolling in around 6pm, at
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