Man victim of strong-arm robbery on Haste Street and Piedmont Avenue

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A male was the victim of a strong-arm robbery Wednesday after a suspect grabbed his cell phone.

At about 5:15 p.m., a male was walking near the intersection of Haste Street and Piedmont Avenue when he was approached from behind by the suspect, according to a UCPD crime alert released Friday. The suspect allegedly grabbed the victim’s cell phone and got into a waiting vehicle.

According to the alert, the victim was not injured during the encounter.

The suspect vehicle is described as a green, 2000-2006 Chevy Malibu and was last seen northbound on Piedmont Avenue, the release said.

The Berkeley Police Department searched the area but was unable to locate the suspects.

Below is the UCPD crime alert description of  the suspects:

A black male in his mid-20’s, approximately 5’-10” tall, 150-pounds, skinny build, short buzz-cut hair style, wearing a black t-shirt containing a multi-colored logo and unknown colored baggy jeans.

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  • Guest

    If Obama had a son, he would look like this guy.

    • Anti-Racist

      Why didn’t you say when a white man committed a crime: If Bush had a son, he would look like this guy.

      Why isn’t a white man representative of his entire community at Cal? That’s because there all LOTS of white men. Since there are so few black men at Cal, you lump all black men together. That is RACIST.

      Hopefully the new chancellor will bring affirmative action to Cal unlike
      the one right now who’s done NOTHING to help black men and black women.

      You must be another member of an underground KKK-type group at Berkeley. People like you make black men and black women feel uncomfortable on campus and need to be expelled.

      Your racist comment about Obama reminded me of one good thing though. Obama DEFEATED Mitt Romney. The racial climate is improving across the United States since Obama has been elected though much still needs to be done at Cal where racism still occurs on a very frequent basis.

      • Guest

        Prop 209

        It’s the LAW !!!!

  • Calipenguin

    For those wondering why there’s a rash of mobile phone robberies, here is a clue:

    Yes, that’s right, there are ATM machines offering cash back to anyone that drops in a stolen cell phone. The nearest ATM locations are in San Francisco, Richmond, San Leandro, and Daly City. Young Black thugs and their accomplices probably cruise around university towns looking for naïve students flashing iPhones. Then they hire homeless people with fake IDs to make the ATM cash exchange. An iPhone 4S nets $250 of cash on the spot. Turning on your iPhone’s locator doesn’t help because they are sold quickly.

    • peepsqueek

      It should be easy enough to set-up these thugs by flashing iPhones and responding to an assault with legal force. Undercover police could make an example out of a few of these thugs to send a message to their home boys in the street.

  • Current Student

    Where are “Anti-racist” and all the other libs who took over the comments the one time (out of hundreds of robberies in Berkeley) when the perp was white?

    LOL. No where to be found.

    • Anti-Racist

      Current Student, you are a filthy racist. With you and other people’s attempts to make black men and black women unwelcome at Cal, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re part of a KKK-type group. UC really needs to implement a mandatory racial sensitivity program so that racists like you are either purged of racism or expelled from the university.

      • Dan Spitzer

        Hey, so-called “anti-racist”–I recall your moniker as one of the pricks who supported the appearance of the overtly anti-semitic moron Louis Fart-His-Can on the Cal campus. Yes, you are one real tolerant motherfucker, aren’t you?

        • Anti-Racist

          Hey, so-called Dan Spitzer. (Are you really that dumb to associate your name with so many Islamophobic comments?). I recall your moniker as one of the racists who spew Islamophobic filth all over the Daily Cal. Have you no shame? I’d be surprised if you were a Cal student, since the admissions staffs would have made a BIG MISTAKE in accepting such an intolerant, racist person like you.

          You should be first in line in taking a mandatory racial sensitivity class at class. People like you make Muslim students feel unwelcome on campus.

          Farrakan is an inspirational figure to many in the black community. His views on Jews and gays are unfortunate, but his message of black empowerment is inspiring. His visit was one of the highlights in many black Cal students’ academic careers at Cal.

          • peepsqueek

            Farrakhan is a sick man, and his message of black empowerment should not come attached to all his other bullsh*t. That is a big price to pay.

            When AIDS was a predominant virus in the gay community, Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan said that it was God’s will, but when it became an epidemic in the Black Community, he said that it was invented by Jews. -My point is that all religious moralists love their freedom to express what ever is convenient at the moment, without regard to the good people who are damaged by their tirades.

            And Dan Spitzer should express himself on political Islam because Islamists are at odds with just about everybody today- Muslim Shiites against Sunnis in Pakistan, Muslims against Hindus in India, Muslims against Christians in Nigeria, Muslims against Buddhists in Southern Thailand, Muslims against Copts in Egypt, Muslims against Jews in Israel, Muslims against Christians in the Philippines, Aceh (Indonesia), Kosovo (Serbia), Muslims against Maronites in Lebanon, Muslims against Hindus in Bangladesh, Muslims against Russian Orthodox, Muslims against Greek Cypriots, Muslims against non-Arab minorities and Dinkas in the Sudan, Muslims against Zoroastrians and Bahai in Iran, Muslims against Buddhists in Myanmar ……

            Racism, sexism, tribalism, nationalism are universal. That does not absolve anyone of crime.

            If this young man had aggressed me, I would have injured him badly, and then taken his wallet to pay for adding additional stress to my life. Then I would have taken his ID and informed his parents what happened to him. Then I would have them come to pickup his wallet at the police station. I watched one of my neighbors do this as he had the parents come to pickup the wallet at his house or he would call the police. He wanted me to be there when they came. The young man was so humiliated he will never do that again.

          • Anti-Racist

            I agree that Farrakhan should have more tolerant beliefs about gay people and Jews.

          • peepsqueek

            Why do you give any liberty to Farrakhan that you would not give to David Duke, who uses some of the same arguments? You sound like a confused liberal who supports far right Islamists.

          • Dan Spitzer

            To say that Fart-His-Can’s views on Jews and gays are “unfortunate” is akin to saying David Duke’s views on black are “unfortunate.”

            Anti-racist, you are the worst sort of hypocrite, slamming others for their alleged bias vs blacks while championing an overtly anti-Semitic pig, Fart-His-Can. If his appearance on campus was “one of the highlights in man black students’ academic careers at Cal,” then one must sadly conclude that they have wasted their time in the university occupying a slot better suited for more deserving students.

            But then an Islamofascist pig like anti-racist wouldn’t recognize the bigotry of a fellow Islamofascist would he?

            And yes, all decent people should be Islamophobic, as fear of Islamofascists who have sworn to end their lives should they not adopt the “one true faith” is cause for genuine antipathy and concern.

          • Anti-Racist

            Your Islamophobia is disgusting. How did you get into Cal?

      • Guest

        “purged of racism or expelled”


        • Anti-Racist

          It is the truth. Racism SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED.

      • I_h8_disqus

        The people really making black men and women feel unwelcome at Cal are the communities in which they are growing up. Since they were little children, blacks have been taught that education is not something for which they should strive. It is time to hold the adults and parents in these communities responsible for what they are doing to their kids instead of blaming those who are not even around. Whites students would all be much happier if blacks were as focused on being successful as the those who make up most of the Cal students.

      • GetOffMyLawn

        The level of troll is strong with this one.