Liveblog: Gov. Jerry Brown attends UC Board of Regents meeting

Kevin Foote/File

The UC Board of Regents is set to meet Wednesday for the second in a three day set of meetings held this week at UCSF’s Mission Bay campus.

The Regents will discuss the 2012-2013 budget and issues regarding decreased state funding and the need for other sources of income for the UC. Though previously on their agenda, per the request of Gov. Jerry Brown, the Regents will not discuss whether to raise supplemental tuition for certain graduate programs.

Follow a liveblog of Wednesday’s meeting below.

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  • Calipenguin

    I’m encouraged that Regents, student leaders, and politicians all want to help students afford college. However, Gavin Newsom was right. Jerry Brown had tricked students into helping pass Prop 30 when tuition hikes for 2013 were inevitable all along. The unions would like to thank the gullible UC students and have instructed legislators to use this hostage trick again next year because it works. Just allocate funds first to unions, leave UC and CSU underfunded, then put the fate of the two university systems in the hands of voters so that even if voters say no the legislators can feign helplessness.

  • GetOffMyLawn

    I’ll translate – “hey guys, you know that new tax money we’ll be getting for education? Well, fuck off, you ain’t getting it, muhahahaha.” California, once again, duped.