Graffiti artists find new venue in Ear Peace Records

The gallery space at Ear Peace Records vibed with music, colors and lines as patrons walked along to view the 50 or so artworks hung on the wall. A few wandered outside to grab a beer and check out the murals in the courtyard outside. Celebrating the independent record label
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Cat Fancies: Boy bands back, all right

I have a deep, dark secret to reveal to you all — I was “Burnin’ Up” for The Jonas Brothers, baby. Yes, I had a 5.8th-life crisis at age 17 and became an avid fan of the bros in a desperate attempt to relive the good old days of pop
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Student production of Woody Guthrie musical charms

This year marks the 100th birthday of America’s traveling troubadour, a man literally born from dust and shaped by the land — a man named Woody Guthrie. In timely fashion, UC Berkeley’s Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies premiered “Woody Guthrie’s American Song” this past Friday in what was
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Agnosticism, atheism and labels

Religiously Inclined

As is common in the religious world, the concepts of both agnosticism and atheism are unforgivingly complicated. Even the standard Google search does not adequately resolve inquiry into their basic definitions. My own attempts to tackle these two subjects were in fact quite humbling — I realized, once again, that
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On the poetics of politics

Reel Life

The first time I voiced a political opinion, I was sitting in the passenger seat of the family sedan. My dad had just picked me up from day care on his way home from work, and I sat still while he drove. In the background was the frizzy, static-strewn political
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Missy Franklin signs National Letter of Intent to attend Cal

On Oct. 20, swimming phenom Missy Franklin shook the collegiate swimming world by committing to Cal. On Wednesday morning, Franklin set her commitment in stone as she signed the National Letter of Intent to join the Cal women’s swimming team next fall. This summer in the London Olympics, Franklin shot
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