Compulsory computing?

Nearly all high-skill jobs are rapidly becoming digital and quantitative. Doctors and health care providers are scrambling to adapt to new electronic medical record databases. Journalists are increasingly expected to be proficient in Web design and computer graphics. The finance industry has been taken over by mind-twisting mathematical models. Even
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Designers compete to reimagine logos

Seated around banquet tables in teams of twos, threes and fours, students stare intently at their laptop screens, periodically consulting each other about things like typeface, color scheme and cohesive branding. Yogurt Park, it was overwhelmingly decided, should be upbeat and colorful, while many felt Cafe Milano was better served
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Interview with David Litwak, founder of Mozio

The Daily Californian interviews David Litwak, the CEO and founder of Mozio, a travel startup. He and fellow UC Berkeley alum Joseph Metzinger developed Mozio as a platform for users to plan their travel to and from airports via any mode of transportation they would like to use. Mozio will
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UC Berkeley students drop out to start tech companies

UC Berkeley computer science students are dropping out of school. But they’re not leaving because the classes are too difficult or school is too expensive. Rather, they’re withdrawing to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship — even though the odds are against them. Although the numbers vary from study to study,
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Keep calm and Hackathon

UC Berkeley is generally known more for academia than practical application, especially when it comes to computer science. However, the student organizations on campus have begun to provide an environment for campus programmers to come together and participate in hackathons. While these all-day programming fests may not seem like anything
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