Female victim of attempted purse snatching on Southside

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A 20-year-old woman was the victim of an attempted purse snatching Wednesday evening on Southside.

At approximately 6:12 p.m., the victim was walking along the 2200 block of Durant Avenue when she was approached by a male and female, according to a UCPD crime alert released Friday.  The female suspect proceeded to allegedly spray the victim with pepper spray in an attempt to take her purse.

The victim managed to hold on to her purse and was not injured in the attack, according to the alert. The suspects then fled the area, possibly in a white vehicle.

The Berkeley Police Department searched the area but was unable to locate either the suspects or the vehicle.

According to the UCPD crime alert, the suspects are described as:

Suspect #1 –  A Black female, 23 years of age, 5’04” in height, heavy build, black hair in a bun, wearing a yellow shirt and blue jeans.

Suspect #2 – A Black male, 23 years of age, 6’4” in height, with a thin build.

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  • Guest

    paging Anti-racist…… what’s the excuse this time??

    • Anti-Racist

      Racial discrimination in college admissions (the banning of affirmative action) limited their opportunities. They have fallen on hard times mostly because of no educational opportunities, which makes it VERY DIFFICULT to find a good job. When they saw that rich girl, they must have felt resentful of her opportunities and decided to take her purse.

      I don’t support their actions because stealing is WRONG, but their stealing is understandable in light of the centuries of racial discrimination that still continues today.

      • Tony M

        [Racial discrimination in college admissions (the banning of affirmative action) limited their opportunities.]

        No, their opportunities are limited because they chose a path of criminality. Who in the hell is going to hire or mentor someone who thinks it’s OK to forcibly take property from other people?

        • Anti-Racist

          Have you heard of Peter Pan? It’s not OK to steal and these young people know it, but they forgot about their morals and stole because of poverty and resentment. Racist employers who discriminate against the poor perpetuate the cycle of poverty, which will inevitably lead to more thefts.

          I’d much rather they have jobs than steal, but their opportunities have been severely limited by discrimination in college admissions and discrimination in the workplace.

      • I_h8_disqus

        We all know that it wasn’t racial discrimination in college admissions that caused this. If you really want to solve the problem, then you need to start to honestly look at what is holding back black youth. Nothing will change until you deal with the culture and community in which black children are raised. You shouldn’t be on here yelling at whites and Asians. You should be in West Berkeley and Oakland yelling at black adults.

        • Anti-Racist

          If black mothers and black fathers had the money, they would send their black sons and black daughters to private college preparatory schools like whites. If they had good jobs, they would have the luxury of time to spend with their children. If they were college educated, they could help their children with their homework like whites.

          But they can’t because of the CENTURIES OF DISCRIMINATION that have made black men and black women economically disadvantaged to the whites. You CAN’T UNDO such a long history of discrimination without corrective measures like affirmative action.

          • I_h8_disqus

            There is more than poverty involved. There are much more poor white people around than poor black people, and if poverty was the only thing to blame, then the percentage of blacks committing crimes would be closer to the their percentage of the population, because white crime would would be in the majority of these stories. There is a cultural problem that you should be addressing, and that is what is holding back blacks more than anything.
            The corrective action you need is not college affirmative action. That is too late. You need to get to those at risk when they are infants and children or else they will be lost. Unless you want to have infant affirmative action that lets white and Asian families raise black children, then the black community has to step up.

          • Anti-Racist

            The whites in power discriminate against blacks in hiring. They think, “Should I choose a white man like me, or should I choose an equally qualified black man?” Without affirmative action, most choose the white man. Only when equality in hiring happens will black people and whites be on equal footing.

            There is NO cultural problem. Saying that is racist and indicates you believe the white man’s culture to be superior to the black man’s. Do you want to impose your white man’s culture on the black community?

          • I_h8_disqus

            We have discussed this before. There isn’t one white man’s culture just as there isn’t one black man’s culture. You are racist for trying to put everyone into one culture based on race. I worked for a biotech company during the summer, and they had several black workers in their division back east. However, all these workers were immigrants from Africa. Not a single one was born in the area they were working. Their black man’s culture back in Africa was one of getting an education and then working. If many black communities in the Bay Area had a culture like we often see in Africa or Europe, then there wouldn’t be nearly as much black crime and failure. Affirmative action won’t help. It is a band aid over a broken bone. The only thing that will help is for a complete change in the culture of many black communities in the US.

          • Anti-Racist

            “However, all these workers were immigrants from Africa.”

            These stories confirm what I’ve heard in a sociology class I took. A lot of West Indies and African immigrants’ children are faced with the dilemma to either act like native-born African Americans or act like immigrants.

            Many choose to act like immigrants so they can set themselves apart from native-born black men. Like your racist employer, most employers prefer to hire the immigrant black man rather than the American-born black man because they view the former as hard-working and trustworthy and the latter as lazy and prone to steal.

            The President is one of the smartest people in the world, black or white, so it’s hard to compare anybody else to him. Most white men and black men don’t have his high level of IQ so cannot succeed without some help, like affirmative action.


            This editorial in New York Times provides convincing evidence for race-conscious admissions to increase the number of blacks and Latinos enrolled in good colleges. College-age black and Latino students can’t go back in time and get a better education, which is why affirmative action is necessary to help them. I agree also that changes should be made in K-12 to help black boys and black girls get the opportunity to go to college. Maybe after 100 years, affirmative action will no longer be necessary to achieve equality in college admissions.

          • I_h8_disqus

            It isn’t racism to choose qualified black men over non-qualified black men. That is what is happening back east. The kids of immigrants are being wise by modelling themselves after their parents and studying and working hard. Their isn’t a situation where both are equally qualified, and one is taken over the other, because of stereotypes.

            We all know that race-conscious admissions would increase the number of black and Latino students. However, many of us don’t believe that it is fair to base admissions on race. I also think that affirmative action hurts the entire black community of college graduates. This is something you will discover. Even though you were not part of affirmative action, its shadow will follow you, and you will not be looked at as a peer to white and Asian graduates. Of course, I get the idea that you won’t end up working around whites or Asians by your own choice, so it won’t matter to you.

          • Nunya Beeswax

            It’s not about having the money. I grew up in government-subsidized housing in a decaying Midwestern industrial city, in a neighborhood which was mostly black. I never went to a private prep school, or even a parochial school. My parents divorced when I was 7, so my mother wound up raising 4 kids by herself. And my mother didn’t have a college education, unless you count an Associate’s degree in Respiratory Therapy (which she didn’t get until I was 9 or 10).

            Yet nevertheless, I managed not only to finish high school but to get a bachelor’s degree and go to graduate school as well. The only advantage I had was that my mother gave a shit; she knew the value of an education and wanted me to have one. I am not sympathetic to excuses about being disadvantaged; the problem is not the lack of material wealth, but the lack of support from family and community.

            My mother eventually went back to school, by the way, and got her bachelor’s degree the same year I finished. We walked in the same ceremony.

          • Anti-Racist

            Your mother is a heroic person. She was able to both get educated and get her kids educated at the same time. I hope all single black mothers will have the opportunity that yours did to go back to school and get a degree. Unfortunately, that’s not the case because of admissions policies that cater largely to whites who have rich alumni parents or rich out-of-state students. (

            (I’m not saying that about your mother, by the way. I’m saying she’s a really hard-working, driven person who through a bit of luck was able to return to school.)

            Most single black mothers aren’t that lucky so can’t go back to school and don’t have the education to encourage their children to stay in school. Without affirmative action, there is a cycle of poverty that continues down the generations.

            I_h8_disqus blames the black culture for the low college entrance rates. Do you believe this too? I find his blame to be very racist and offensive.

          • Nunya Beeswax

            Blame is useless in this situation. Figuring out who to blame is a futile exercise, whether the object of blame is The Man or the black community. The question is not “Who is to blame?” but “Where do we go from here?”. Only the black community is going to be able to pull itself out of this predicament, and it will have to start with parents valuing education. Although I have profound disagreements with the Black Muslim religion, I have a lot of respect for the community-building efforts that have come out of that movement and think it has great potential to be a positive force in the community.

            My mother got her Associate’s degree at a community college, by the way, and community colleges have extremely open admissions policies. Unlike many private institutions, they don’t cater to the rich and are in fact set up so that low-income students can attend. Although there is a certain amount of luck involved, it really boils down to will, determination, and the realization that one has options.

  • Anti-Racist

    Berkeley has an unending supply of black thugs who torment Cal students. These black bastards need to be jailed pronto. I’m anti-racist, so I support racial profiling.

    • Anti-Racist

      You are NO Anti-Racist. STOP spreading your hate against black men and black women, you RACIST. YOU need to be jailed PRONTO.

      • Dan Spitzer

        And by your support of that scum-sucking anti-Semitic, anti-Asian, anti-gay pig, Louis Fart-His-Kan, you are the true bigot Mr. Anti-Racist. So STF up and choke on your chitlins.

        • Dan Spitzer

          Addendum: if you say that someone should be “jailed pronto” because of their speech, Mr. “Anti-Racist,” then your champion Fart-His-Kan should be imprisoned for life. Of course, we know that Mr. Anti-Racist is just aping the lack of free speech seen in the Islamofascist world. No wonder he loves those Palestinian pigs.

          • Russell Bates

            sure hope you can get your head unstuck from your ass onea these days and stop relating everthing anybody says to your islamaphobia.and stop drooling,willya?

          • Dan Spitzer

            Master Bates, “Mr. Anti-Racist” is a Black Muslim and therefore is an Islamofascist and anti-Semite. We all know you are the latter from your innumerable hatred of Jews posts.

          • Anti-Racist

            Russell Bates has it right. Your racism and Islamaphobia is REPULSIVE. We all know you are an ISLAMAPHOBE from your innumerable hatred of Muslims posts. I support the Palestinians as do most intelligent Cal students and Cal Jews but that doesn’t mean that I’m an anti-Semite.

            I don’t spew hate and Islamaphobia in EVERY SINGLE of my posts on the Daily Cal like YOU do.

          • Dan Spitzer

            Anti-racist, you are a champion of the anti-Semitic Louis Fart-His-Kan and thus an anti-Semite yourself. If I or anyone else were an advocate of the disgusting David Duke, you would rightfully be saying the same thing about me.

            And as usual, you are ridiculous. Intelligent and ethical Cal students support democratic Israel and not the Palestinian pigs who suppress women, gays and dissenters.

            And people should be “phobic” about Islamists as every day, the butcher one another along with those who differ with themselves. Moreover, they are far and away the most misogynist religions on the planet. Of course, you would deny all of that because this is also what you believe.

          • Anti-Racist

            “Israeli Airstrike Kills Three Generations of a Palestinian Family”


            Israel’s crimes against civilians continues. Any sane Cal student would speak out against this human abuse.

          • Dan Spitzer

            Anti-racist, you really are a fucking moron. Do you think any sane Cal student would fail to support a country defending its people from hundreds of missiles fired at its citizenry? And yes, in warfare-particularly when Palestinian pigs fire missiles from a concentrated population area-there is likely to be some collateral damage. Lots of Germans and Japanese civilians died during WW II and no reasonable person would fail to understand why.

            ‘Course, speaking sense to an Islamofascist is akin to telling a porker to stay away from slop.

            But don’t worry, anti-racist. Palestinians are no more given to responsibly using birth control than any other Islamofascists and they will replenish their larder of kiddies to teach to kill Jews before you can say “Jackie Robinson.” Opps, my bad. Guess you might call that expression “racist.”

          • Anti-Racist

            Of course you don’t care about the deaths of hundreds of innocent Palestinians. ISLAMAPHOBE.

            Israel needs to STOP blockading Gaza and STOP OCCUPYING Jerusalem, which belongs to the Palestinians. How would you feel if someone stole your home and made you an outcast with no place to call home? That’s how the Palestinians feel, but of course you don’t care because you’re a racist Islamaphobe.

          • Dan Spitzer

            You are as ignorant of Israeli/Palestinian history as any anti-Semite. And the very fact that you support the Palestinians shows that you advocate Jewish genocide. You do know that both the PLA and Hamas both openly state that in their covenants, don’t you?

            Go choke on your chitlins.

          • I_h8_disqus

            The part that you didn’t notice is that the Israeli army was bombing the location where a missile attack on Israel was coming from. It isn’t Israel committing the crime. This is Hamas firing missiles from civilian locations, because they know that in order for Israel to stop the bombing, they will have to fire into civilian areas.

          • Anti-Racist

            Israel has killed many children. You justify their child killings on Hamas’ locations for firing missiles at Israel which has stolen Jerusalem from the Palestinians.

            Do you believe that the ends justify the means?

          • I_h8_disqus

            So you think that Israel can’t try to defend itself, because the missiles are being fired from locations where there are children, and instead they should just sit back and let the Hamas missiles kill the Israeli children that are hit? I don’t believe that the end justifies the means, and that is why I don’t think Hamas should be launching missiles that are killing innocents just to try and get rid of Israel. By Any Means Necessary is not the mind set to have.