Sproul encampment disbands after one night

Protesters affiliated with Occupy Cal disbanded their encampment on Sproul Plaza Friday morning.

Four tents were set-up on the plaza Thursday afternoon to protest the week’s three-day UC Board of Regents meeting at UCSF and in commemoration of last year’s Occupy Cal movement, according to protestor Navid Shaghaghi. Shaghaghi said the encampment was always planned as a one night event and that the protesters held a general assembly with other Occupy members to plan out what the movement should do next Thursday night.

“There’s one other action that we’re thinking we might take this semester, but we’re nowhere near ready for us to talk about,” he said. “It will probably be something related to the chancellor.”

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  • DTR

    Hahaha… losers

  • dude


    “Um, we really really want to protest but we’re, like, running out of topics. We’re going to go back to my apartment and think up something….I think it will be related to the Chancellor.”

    If this Navid fellow is a student, he ought to be kicked out and his place filled by someone more deserving who actually wants to learn.

  • One night? Why even do it? This is honoring the legacy of the students and other who gave up so much a year ago who were hounded by the University and Birgenau, were harassed with criminal proseuction, violently hit and assaulted by University and other law enforcement officers, had their entire lives and educations disrupted at the hands of the University administration and cops??
    Like someone else said…lightweights!!!
    I think Mario Savio is turning over in his grave about now and groaning…

  • Tony M

    Good riddance to a bunch of self-important attention whores.

  • poopy pants

    lol occupy cal

  • libsrclowns