Beavers dam Cal’s hopes for final win

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Jeff Tedford might be fired . Cal’s performance against Oregon State Saturday night left no mystery as to why.

In a rain-drenched contest highlighted by broken coverages, needless personal foul penalties and inexcusable turnovers, the Bears fell on their collective faces in a 62-14 blowout Saturday night.

“I don’t know,” Tedford responded, when asked if he expected to return next season. “We go back to work tomorrow.”

Beavers quarterback Sean Mannion led the offensive charge for Oregon State. In the first half alone, Mannion completed 18 of 23 passes for four touchdowns and 239 yards. The Beavers’ receivers repeatedly found giant holes in the Cal secondary, who sorely missed injured safety Avery Sebastian.

Sebastian wasn’t the only wounded starter. Quarterback Zach Maynard, wide receivers Keenan Allen and Bryce Treggs, and right tackle Matt Summers-Gavin all sat out with various afflictions.

Starting in Maynard’s place for the second consecutive week was redshirt junior Allan Bridgford. Bridgford struggled mightily, completing 16 of 29 passes for 119 yards and throwing a momentum-halting interception just four minutes into the game.

“(Bridgford) needs some more experience,” Tedford said. “But he did what he could.”

On the subsequent drive, several precise Mannion tosses, paired with Cal’s first personal foul, brought the Beavers to the Bears’ 11-yard line. On the next play Mannion found wideout Markus Wheaton on an underneath slant, and Wheaton darted into the endzone to put Oregon State up, 7-0, with 10 minutes remaining in the first quarter.

The Bears struck back three minutes later with a nine-play, 82-yard drive. The senior running back tandem of CJ Anderson and Isi Sofele led the way with bruising runs and the drive culminated in a Sofele touchdown run from nine yards out.

But that was the closest Cal would come to knocking off the talented Beavers squad.

Oregon State running back Storm Woods stormed through the Bears’ front seven for a 38-yard run on the next drive, and another Cal personal foul brought the Beavers inside the 10 yard line. Two plays later, fullback Tyler Anderson punched it in from one yard out to make it 14-7, Oregon State.

Mannion and self-inflicted wounds continued to burn the Bears throughout the remainder of the first half. In total, Cal accumulated 88 penalty yards in the half. Most of those yards came in the form of 15-yard personal foul penalties on defense, shortening the field almost every drive for Mannion and his crew of fast and physical receivers.

And Mannion certainly made the Bears pay.

After a Daniel Lasco fumble gave the Beavers possession early in the second quarter, Mannion threw a bomb from the Cal 48 to a wide-open Brandin Cooks downfield. Cooks caught the underthrown pass and slipped past the last line of Cal defense to put Oregon State up two scores.

Mannion still wasn’t done. The Beavers took possession with nine minutes remaining in the second quarter after a Bears three-and-out. A 12-yard completion to Cooks, combined with an illegal hit by Josh Hill, brought Oregon State to the Cal 43. Two more Mannion first-down throws and a personal foul on Deandre Coleman had the Beavers in the Cal red zone once more.

And for the third time in the half, Mannion found one of his receivers open in the endzone to make the score 28-7, Oregon State.

Mannion cemented the fate of the contest in the final seconds of the second half with a 6-yard touchdown throw to Micah Hatfield. The four-touchdown halftime deficit felt appropriate as the season dissolved into a pathetic whimper.

“We obviously have a lot of work to do,” Tedford said. “It was unfortunate for the seniors that they had a year like this.”

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  • GetOffMyLawn

    …and now the asshat is considering an OC position for USC, a conference competitor?! This guy has 0 loyalty to Cal or the Cal football program.

    Any way to transfer him to janitorial detail? Sure he’ll be overpaid, but at least make him clean up some trash, literally.

  • snarkk

    Tedford may be out later today, but Barbour has to be on the hot seat. This is part of her doing. The football program decline the past several years, and bad graduation rate in that and other programs is on her watch. Not to mention the baseball program and rugby fiascos. She better pick a good next coach, and let somebody else negotiate the deal. This lack of a buyout with Tedford is an absolute disaster…

  • Tedford getting smoked by a Bay Area quarterback he didn’t bother recruiting seems to sum up the whole situation. Really, though, a year-old picture of a Ducks/Bears game? Speaking of a lack of effort…

    • Disgusted Alum

      You’re absolutely right Jon, the fact Tedford got worked by this young QB from Pleasanton he should have recruited is poetic justice. Gee, would I rather have Mannion or Maynard? Couple this loss with Stanford’s win over Oregon, UCLA’s win over SC, and you have an underperforming team that is begging for a big coaching change. I still worry that Klein, Bigelow, Harper and other solid Cal talents are going to transfer should Tedford be spared. If Tedord is kept on, Barbour needs to be fired.

      • A grumpy alum

        I totally disagree with you guys. Who’s to say that Sean Mannion would be doing better at Cal. The problem isn’t the players Cal has recruited. The problem is the coaches’ inability to develop players at Cal. Sean Mannion was a 3 start quarterback, ranked 29th at his position when OSU recruited him. Allan Bridgeford was a 4 start player ranked 10th at his position. You should feel bad for Allan. If he had gone to OSU, he might be a much better player.

        Fire Tedford

  • Shoddy Journalism

    Is there any particular reason why the captioned photo accompanying the story, of the OSU-cal game contains a photo of the feathered fowl from Pewgene?

  • Hopeful alum

    Don’t tell me that it isn’t possible to have good athletic programs with
    good academic success. Just look around the country at schools like
    Stanford, Notre Dame, Duke (basketball)… Cal has a LOT to offer so alumni should demand more from the next head coach and the athletic director but we should also be willing to give more. There are 8 Nobel Laureates, 32 MacArthur Fellows, and 4 Pulitzer Prize winners among the current faculty, so it is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for Cal’s graduation success rate to be dead last in Pac-12. Cal’s other programs also have low GSRs compared to other schools so you know that the athletic director is also hugely to blame for this. We have to voice our discontent. As an alum, I make this pledge that if they fire Tedford and if they concentrate on improving GSR, I will double my contribution to the athletic department. If they don’t. I will cut my donations to the Athletics at Cal but still donate to my undergraduate and graduate programs at Berkeley.

    Lets hope foe a better future at Cal.

  • Disgusted Alum

    Fire Tedford, NOW!

    – That team last night quit on Tedford, no question
    – The previous post is correct, if he stays the good players will leave (why would Zach Klein remain if Tedford returns?)
    – If Pete Carroll’s name is being mentioned in the San Jose Mercury Cal blog, why aren’t we talking about Ron Rivera too?
    – Carroll, Rivera, Herm Edwards, John Gruden, Greg Roman of the 49ers, Chris Peterson of Boise State should be contacted immediately for interviews. Consider Coach Theder as QB Coach in a return to Cal.
    – Our deep pocketed alumni will need to help with the buyout of Tedford’s contract, and the next coach should be compensated on performance based terms (hopefully Sandy Barbour learned her lesson on Tedford’s ridiculous contract).
    – And finally, ditch the rollerball uniforms, put the natural grass back in Memorial Stadium, and restore tradition to CAL football.

    • Calbear

      Herm Edwards would be a disaster. (2 generations removed from the current players. has not been in coaching. Left Cal to play @ SDSU..)

      Rivera and Carroll could be good, but unlikely to leave before the end of current NFL season. (impacts recruiting due to timing). Uniforms are due to Nike contract. “tradition” of CAL football, in part, was established (recently) by Tedford himself.

      I’d say that we are back to the “tradition” of CAL football in the late 80’s and most of the 90’s NOW.

  • Callme Mr. PaperBag

    With $7 million (at least) coming to him no matter what happens and it being pretty obvious that this job is more than he can handle, you have to think that Tedford is hoping to get fired. In fact, you have to think Tedford would be perhaps THE most disappointed person in the world if he were NOT fired.

    I hate to say it, but those with NFL aspirations on this team need to transfer if Tedford is left in place. And if he’s not fired, those being recruited should come, but only for the free ride at one of the greatest academic institutions on the planet, not because of the football team.