College sex: Berkeley edition

Sex on Tuesday

Because I couldn’t afford to fly home the day before Thanksgiving this past week, I spent all of Wednesday in Berkeley. I only had one class that day, and the campus was marvelously empty. So at around 4:20 p.m., I called up my partner, and as two mischievous UC Berkeley students would, we set out on a nice little sex tour through campus. Since I started my column off a few months ago writing about a sexy encounter with a lady, I’ll end my classy kissing-and-telling with some afternoon delight I had with a man.

In response to the spring 2012 “Sex on campus: actually doable?” column, yes — having sex on campus is actually very doable, and it’s lots of fun. It’s also surprisingly easy.

That particular column brought up concerns about not getting to “finish” when doing it in a public place. Maybe I’m just not ambitious enough to have goal-oriented sex, but sex isn’t always about cumming and having orgasms. Sometimes it’s for shits and giggles. Having expectations and goals can ruin the fun of it. Besides, it’s probably not a good idea to ejaculate in public places — just saying. Keep this in mind should you ever attempt sex on campus.

I’ve always had the cliched fantasy of having sex in Main Stacks, so we wasted no time in heading there first. The trick to doing it in Stacks is to go at a time when there won’t be a lot of people studying at the same time and to pick a section of books that people won’t ever think to look up. Like the British Royal Academy archives.

We decided that, out of the millions of books in the library, the shelves full of books on religion seemed like the best place to fuck. We moved the adjacent shelves to block our location so that we couldn’t be seen from the rows on either side. I liked having our shelves of choice close to each other so that the setting was nice and cozy.

It’s best to have some empty shelves toward the bottom so that you can climb them and feel like Spider-Man while your partner penetrates you standing up. You can even re-enact the awesome sex scene from the film Atonement. I definitely love a man who can fuck well while standing up.

The risk of getting caught is what makes having sex in public so exciting. Without that, there wouldn’t be any novelty in doing it. It’s fun to challenge yourself to not make any noise while having sex. There were two instances in which people walked by the shelves between which my partner and I were going at it hard-core. It was like a game — having to frantically put our clothes back on and immediately pretending to be interested in the data collections of the European Union while panting and giggling hysterically.

For a place to have loud ass-slapping sex, the classrooms in the dungeons of Moffitt served us well after Main Stacks because the ground floor of Moffitt was completely deserted. It felt great to have sex in a classroom that I used to hate sitting in for hours without cellphone reception.

Doing role play involving a student-teacher or GSI in a classroom like this one is LEGIT. It gives you an idea of how fantastic it would be if your hot GSI pounded you on the front desk every time you forgot to turn in a homework assignment.

The next building I chose to desecrate with my perverse ways was Wurster, which happens to be my least favorite building after Evans. Something I learned that day that blew my mind is that there are classrooms in Wurster that lock. With all that privacy, I had just as much fun banging as I did walking around classrooms in lingerie and writing dirty things on chalkboards.

For those whose bucket lists include the item “have sex on campus,” the inspirational message from my classy afternoon is: Just do it. You might find that it’s senior year already and that you never took advantage of all those lunch hours, Saturday nights and Wednesdays before Thanksgiving during which there were probably very few people in the libraries or buildings on campus.

Don’t be scared. Make the screw session worth getting caught, and remember that you are definitely not the first person to have had sex on campus, nor will you be the last.

Other than providing fun places to get down, Berkeley is the best place to explore your sexuality. Our school is a predominantly safe and accepting space with many places, people and resources to help you discover your sexual self. It is the place where I learned what it means to be queer, to recognize the presence of patriarchy, to attempt polyamory and to become more confident in my sexuality so I could go ahead with new experiences — attending naked parties and orgies and writing a sex column, just to name a few.

Learn to appreciate your sexy side and experience a few frisky things during your time here. Take the Female Sexuality DeCal, have sex in Morrison, do the naked run and talk to people who are willing to share their personal experiences. The wide acceptance and freedom of open sexual expression are among the greatest legacies we have the opportunity to uphold at this university.

Contact Nadia Cho at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter: @nadiiacho.

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  • old enough to know better

    Her parents must be so proud.

    • kat

      More than likely, she’s already been disowned by them

  • Moderate

    Degenerate. The worst part is that her professors probably think she’s progressive.

  • Anonymous

    My biggest problem with this column is that it isn’t actually a column about sex; it’s a column about Nadia Cho. She didn’t write this to convince people to explore themselves, or to throw aside pre-conceived notions of sex, or to do any of the other things that the people defending her are mentioning. She wrote this solely to attract attention towards herself, and to talk about ‘what a dirty girl she is’ so she can force people to acknowledge that she exists. Can anyone honestly say they learned anything from this column? I mean aside from the fact that Nadia Cho thinks she’s some kind of super-mature, open person that you’ll totally never be, man. I honestly don’t believe there is anything to be taken from this writing other than the fact that Nadia Cho likes getting stuffed in random places. The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s great that she has no problem having sex in non-private places; my best friend is the same way (although she has serious daddy issues, not to mention that she’s arguably the biggest slut in my grade and it probably comes with the territory, but hey, all’s fair in adding notches to your belt). There’s nothing wrong with being sexually active and, um, explorative. There is something wrong with using a college paper as a vehicle to either try to impress everyone or disgust everyone. Which of these is Nadia’s primary goal is up to you (my guess is option A). But the idea that this is anything more than a cry for attention is, in my opinion, ridiculous. You can defend her all you want; that’s your right as an American (cue the bald eagles!). But the fact remains that this column is little more than a really weird attempt at soft porn, and is completely devoid of anything more than a college student telling you over and over again how dirty she is for absolutely no reason. In Penthouse? Sure. In the Daily Californian? Give me a break.

    • “My biggest problem with this column is that it isn’t actually a column about sex; it’s a column about Nadia Cho.”

      Most accurate assessment to date. Look up “attention whore” on Wikipedia and there will probably be a link to Nadia’s pic somewhere.

    • tom

      Well said.

  • BerkleyMorons

    That’s one ugly twat

  • Anonymous

    “It is the place where I learned what it means to be queer, to recognize the presence of patriarchy, to attempt polyamory and to become more confident in my sexuality so I could go ahead with new experiences — attending naked parties and orgies and writing a sex column, just to name a few.”

    le cultural marxism face

    • bondi91

      That bit irked me the most. It’s so obvious that this girl wears these “new experiences” as some kind of honor badge, which just goes to prove the point that she’s doing it for attention and shock value more than anything. Go away and get some self-esteem girl.

  • bijk


  • kate

    I believe that there is a very appropriate way to journalistically write about sex in an opinion or editorial piece, but I do not think that Ms. Cho is doing it correctly. Regardless of what all of the prior commenters before me have written, there’s no way that any of you with any sort of experience or opinions on journalism can say that this article is journalism. It’s poorly-written and, quite frankly, it’s no more than soft core porn. As people said before me, it seems to be just a way for Ms. Cho to openly talk about her sex life under the guise of journalism. She is not a journalist, she’s an exhibitionist. There is certainly a forum for this type of writing, without a doubt, but a newspaper is simply NOT that forum. If Ms. Cho is a journalism major, then UC Berkeley’s j-school has lost much of its esteem in my mind.

  • turth

    assuming she had sex with an asian guy, there wouldn’t be much to see anyway, and would have been over fairly quickly…

  • Cardinal 99

    Who cares! Ho’ it out, girl! To the window… To the Wall!
    However, being that I am a pharmacist, I must let you know that Herpes medication is very expensive.
    Anyhoo….. Explore your sexuality! Have Fun! See you at the pharmacy!
    Go Cardinal!

  • Guest

    I hope you realize you are giving away what people typically charge money for.

    Maybe that’s why you can’t afford to fly home for thanksgiving!!

    Econ 101… Some times a bit of education goes a long way.

  • rico567

    Uh… is sneaking around having sex in library stacks “freedom of open sexual expression” since it wouldn’t be done this way if people were really “accepting” of it. Oh, Cho, you’re liberated, you are.

  • Rook

    This is the only collumn I have ever read by this author, but the line “Since I started my column off a few months ago writing about a sexy encounter with a lady, I’ll end my classy kissing-and-telling with some afternoon delight I had with a man” is more than telling enough of her. Then again, if I had a college sex collumn I’m sure I’d try to use it to pick up tail too.

  • Nadia is pretty plain looking. She certainly is no boink that you want to brag about. Actually, she really a bit to the homely side so she might make it in an ugly boink contest.

    • JJMMC

      You’re a creepy, fat old man! GTFO of our student newspaper’s site!

      • youngexecutive

        All three of you are creepy.

  • Librarian

    Please don’t fuck in the library. I work here. My staff works here. I told my staff I’d do what I can to make sure theirs is a safe and happy workplace. Now, in addition to pedophiles, thieves, and people with poor bowel function, I’ve got kids using shitty liberal arts justifications to fuck in the library.

    I don’t want to rain on your liberating parade or interfere with your bucket list, but you don’t have to deal with the complaints. I know you would like your sex life to be more exciting, but do you know what is also exciting? Getting to work and thinking, “there won’t be people fucking in the library today” Now that is liberating.

    Incidentally, thank you for advising people not to ejaculate in the library. After cleaning up garbage, graffiti, shit that is apparently dropped from 10 feet above the toilet, and a variety of bodily fluids, I hesitate to ask cleaning staff to add ejaculate to that list.

    • Make your mom proud

      As a parent I support you!

      Baby, please don’t have sex in the library, you won’t make me proud if you’re ejected from UC Berkeley because you get caught having sex with your boyfriend inside the library.

      • I would think that the UC Library may have been a gift to the University…wonder how the donors would feel about it being selected as a place for such trash.

      • Snowguy

        Ejected for sex in public. ha ha. Right. You have not been to a campus lately.

    • elite894

      This is the best comment ever. Nothing else about any of this (legality, exhibitionism, self-esteem issues, etc) matters. Just don’t fuck with the librarian, the poor sod. Basic human decency for the win!

    • avid library user

      This is absolutely amazing.

    • Grad

      What this shows me as is that the undergrads are living up to their selfish reputation. You talk about being sexually open and the student body claims to care about the staff and the environment, but you don’t mind defiling their place of work. You are encouraging students to have sex in the library, which has all kinds of health concerns and makes someone else’s life miserable. Please try to consider someone other than yourself when you decide to have sex in public, if you have sex on that desk someone else has to sit there and use that as a tool for their education. If you leave a condom in the library the university has to pay for special services to have bodily fluids removed. Selfish is not sexy.

      • Hash

        Sex is not a bad thing, just because you have a terrible attitude or opinion about it doesn’t mean everyone else does

        • craig

          Shit is a normal part of life, but that doesn’t mean other people want to clean up yours.

        • Bob

          you’re a fucking stupid cunt idiot

        • LauraTXN

          Sex is a private thing. So is defecation. Do both of them out of view of the public.

        • tom

          Beat that strawman one more time. No one is saying that sex is a bad thing. They are saying that they should not have to put up with vaginal secretions and semen in a public place, because of the juvenile antics of an perpetual child.

      • venicementor

        Much like atheists, who it want it all their way and no one has any rights, but they. Not funny folks, not in the least because others are always left to clean up after your ass. Grad – I agree with you – “Selfish is not sexy.”

        • wtf

          I agree, but you’re wrong with your atheists example. Fucktard.

    • Bad Librarian

      Well shit.

      Look, when I said “the library” I meant ALL libraries. I don’t work for Berkeley. I just know that librarians – be they academic, public or otherwise – have a common plight. I respect Berkeley as an institution and I’m sorry to have misled anyone: it wasn’t intentional. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble… I’m a bad librarian.

      • LauraTXN

        You may respect Berkeley as an institution, but with students doing crap like this and proudly writing about it in the campus newspaper, there won’t be much to respect in a few decades. Actually, there is already not much except in math and sciences.

        • MUCHbiggerproblems

          Are you kidding? Do you realize what you’re speaking about? I guarantee you that sex in libraries has been going on since that library was built, and I guarantee you that the young, burgeoning scientists and mathematicians have taken part in such acts as well. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the ‘kids these days’ talk just isn’t the point here. She’s speaking openly about something that not many people would, and that’s her prerogative. It does not embody what Berkeley represents, nor does it embody what undergrads do, or girls do, or what girls of Asian-American descent do, or what girls with brown hair and white shirts do… so stop with the essentialisms! This all, this whole argument that’s erupted… makes no sense. PEOPLE HAVE DONE THIS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. Had sex in public and private places, I mean. Now we can accept, and breathe… Life has not changed as we know it. We’re still in a world surrounded by much bigger problems.

          • Guest

            I’m with LauraTXN. Maybe it was her western upbringing here in the U.S., but in many Asian family traditions having sex are usually done in private or after one is married. I was surprised to read how open she was about her sexuality *scratches head* .

      • bet0001970

        No. Take that back. You have nothing to apologize for. Your point was exceptionally made, and in the only language this girl seems to understand. I’m sure the librarian who does work at Berkeley is thanking you right now for having stood up for them. You’re absolutely right.
        These entitled brats who have been indulged their whole lives don’t care about anyone or anything. It is only ever about them and their gratification. Consider this her first “fucking” lecture in common sense 101, held by Professor Bad-Ass Librarian.

    • Bravo!

    • undergrad

      Yeah exactly. Learn to respect.

    • If people like Nadia get caught when someone has a 10 year old in tow, you will have a sex offense on your record for a long, long time….If you get caught having sex in the Children’s Section of the Library, I have a feeling it is something that the Pederast Association or NAMBLA won’t be able to help you with.

    • Children’s section will be next… about have a sex offender record for the rest of your life. You move into my neighborhood and Lifelock will let me know where the chick who had sex in front of children, lives…..

      • Anonymous

        It’s crazy, but there *is* a difference between having sex in a university library that is meant for adults and does not even have a children’s section and the creep exposing himself in front of a school.

        Save the scorn for *actual* pedophiles (I’ll be right besides you), and not just bored (but creative) undergrads.

    • HeartNurse

      This is the best comment I have ever read! Thanks for being eloquent and 100% accurate in your assessment of that ridiculous article!

    • BVZ Top

      Get a life and stop being so boring.

  • Awesome (LIT Awe inspiring) you have managed to free your self so much and safely :) human sexuality should be freeing and open and enjoyable, good for you !

  • skank

  • Scott

    This is in any type of newspaper for what reason? If it was done to “shock” people, it fell way short.

    If she is a journalism major, then the entire “profession” is in danger.

    • Kezar Kid

      Uh, newsflash… journalism is in danger.

  • sdfsd

    For good time call Nadia, and double bag it.

  • Jonesy

    I believe the term we’re looking for is “attention whore”.

    • undergrad

      bingo, sir.

  • CoolStoryBro

    Be sure and post whether you end up with a disease or pregnant first. I have a bet.

  • Ghengis

    Why do I feel the first sentence of the article should have been “Dear Penthouse Forum”

  • wtfisgoingon

    I am so glad I rejected Berkeley.

    • JJMMC

      So are we!

      • Still sucking up to Nadia hoping for a freebie?


  • MakeAPorno88

    Let’s fuck Nadia.

  • MakeAPorno88

    What the fuck is this? Erotic porn on the daily cal? Nadia you are so fucking naughty and this is coming from a man who loves sex as much as breathing.

  • Raphael Tran

    “Doing role play involving a student-teacher or GSI in a classroom like this one is LEGIT. It gives you an idea of how fantastic it would be if your hot GSI pounded you on the front desk every time you forgot to turn in a homework assignment.” ……… this is a serious conflict of interest if i ever saw one. why is this filth even being published at my esteemed alma mater?

    • Cal Alum

      Exactly my opinion , has the daily cal stooped so low that it has to use a cheap sensationalist writer like Nadia Cho to gain further readers ?
      It’s a pathetic attempt at grabbing attention and is poorly written.

    • Jay

      “Esteemed”. Lol.

  • Docodemo

    Evans, 10th floor, the balconies that are now further protected from suicide jumps…in late 90s. Lax security in those days, great nighttime view of The City.

    • Guestie

      The balcony at the top of Wurster would be good. However, the challenge is at the top of the Campanile.

  • I can boil down everyone who says she’s ugly into two categories.

    1. ugly women
    2. males who suck at getting laid


    1. hot women don’t tend to insult ugly women. they lie and go like “ehmagosh ur so pretty” etc. they’re very confident and don’t insult.
    2. males who suck at getting laid are generally the ones that call girls ugly because they have “higher standards”. “Oh there’s so much hotter asian girls” they tell themselves; that’s why i can’t fuck that UGLY girl. In reality the MANLY guys have already fucked all the hot AND ugly girls, because the ugly girls are hot to them because they have more testosterone.

  • iPosit

    These comments were hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

    I do find it offensive that she is subjected to such petty mockery and otherwise condescending criticisms of her character, writing, looks, and her general take on how to write a Sex On Tuesday column. Oddly enough, there is a comment in this section that asks why naked parties and orgies were not included in this columnists articles as opposed to engaging in debates about race. Indeed, for a Sex column, more sex would have been nice. But choosing to take the critical road and discussion the societal embedding of individual encounters, especially in terms of race, is worthy of some praise (even if its attempt did not address anything out of reproach of commentators (nothing really is..)).

    Admitting to breaking laws in public is something rappers do all the fucking time, so you should be fine Nadia.

    This column was fun.


    “Since I started my column off a few months ago writing about a sexy
    encounter with a lady, I’ll end my classy kissing-and-telling with some
    afternoon delight I had with a man.”

    This is your last Sex on Tuesday column? FUCK YES!

  • Not Impressed

    What is the purpose of these articles? Sometimes I feel like the only reason she writes these is so that she could use the word “fuck” half a dozen times in a “LEGIT” “article”. There are so many aspects of sexuality that she never really touches on beyond superficially. I remember an article talking about how it’s fun to do doggy style in public because it skins your knees. Please. All I see is an attention-seaking attempt to seem “risqué”, in my opinion. To each their own I suppose.

  • guest

    I have noticed how Mia Shaw’s last article from the summer is still always in the most popular articles list. Can you imagine if she was writing Sex on Tuesdays? Readership would be through the roof. Not to be cruel about Nadia’s looks, but a picture is not always the sex writer’s friend. Attach Mia’s picture to these articles, and the page views will increase quite a bit.

    • Cal Alum

      That’s because Mia’s writing is far superior to this trash. She doesn’t write a crappy article just so she can use the words “Fuck” a dozen times.
      If you attached Mia’s picture to this article the comments would still be negative.

  • the Devil

    Quit drooling over every Asian girl in the library, thinking she might be the sex fiend depicted this article. This is just like Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton on you while you need to be studying for your finals and this distraction is being rubbed in your face. Could this just be to take the edge away from you to help *somebody else* pass you up academically? Think about it- if you still can. If you fell for it, you deserve to flunk.

    • Fughly

      she’s really ugly. There are a lot of hot asian girls at Berkeley and she is nowhere near any of them

  • whatthefuckbbq

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    Pornhub is down,
    I guess this will do

  • clearly

    I find this article really immature. Your writing is hollow and the whole piece seems like an effort to grab attention rather than to convey sincere views. Are you really that insecure of yourself that you need to boast about your sexual conquests ? Are you trying to prove a point here ? Sexually liberated ? More like a fucking joke.

  • XD

    HELL YES MAIN STACKS IS ON MY BUCKET LIST! Nadia, thank you, you are my hero <3

  • Caitlin

    These comments are ridiculous. She is writing about sexual expression and sexual freedom. And then she gets attacked for being “attention seeking”, “fucking weird”, and even insulted for being “ugly and unattractive”. Fucking double standards. If this is a reflection of how someone from Berkeley reacts to a girl being sexually liberated, I’m terrified of how the rest of the country and world reacts.

    • Im a mofuckin docta

      The reason people are attacking her is because the way she expresses herself is immature and a bit out of place in a respected student newspaper. Also shes ugly…

      • Professor

        “Respected” and “student newspaper” don’t ever belong in the same sentences. It is a student paper. By definition it sucks. So, I’ve heard, does Nadia

        • Guest

          Nadia would love to role-play student-professor fucking with you.

    • realdeal

      So , what your’e saying is that you are insecure because you are really ugly just like Nadio Cho ?

    • lalala

      i really don’t see how having sex on campus is liberating…
      i feel that being sexually liberated has nothing to do with having sex in the public…
      she really does sound irresponsible and immature…kinda like young girls in puberty who are so thrilled to learn everything about sex and eager to show it off for everyone else to see….
      i have nothing against sexual expression…but i just don’t get what point she’s trying to make with this article…
      have sex in campus? sure. write an article to boast about it? ehh…

      • Deaf Ears

        Yep. I’m all for being sexually adventurous, but the people who make a big show of it are frequently unbalanced or at the very least have a lot to prove.

    • Undergrad

      Keep your CalServe snaps to yourself, Caitlin Quinn.

    • Guestie

      She isn’t writing about sexual expression or sexual freedom. This also isn’t about her being a “girl”. Writing about having as much sex as possible with whoever or whatever is available is only sexual expression or sexual freedom to the simple minded or over sexed. There is so much more to sex than just banging. Nadia hasn’t ever touched on anything but the banging. That is why few respect her articles.

    • noliving

      Ah the comments would be the same if it was a boy being sexually liberated.

      • Snowguy

        Funny, Yeah, the guys would be divided between the ones giving him “brah” fist bumps and others scolding him for his exploitive patriarchal oppressive focus on his own pleasures. (snicker)
        The gals, by contrast, would be shaming him, and insisting he is not a Real Man ™ because contemporary gals seem to get angry at any male sexual expression either not directed at them or otherwise sublimated in a way they benefit from. Both religious fundies and atheist feminists would sound suprisingly similar in their attacks.

  • afsdsdf

    Nadia Cho , i hope you are reading this. You are really ugly and unattractive. You sound desperate for male attention.
    Seriously Daily Cal , this writer is pathetic. Please remove her from your editorial board

  • Current Student

    I hope you get arrested.

    • Saisyet

      I agree!

    • Guest

      hope you get arrested too

  • Berkeley Student

    this chick is fucking weird.

    • student

      hey there, you only live once!

  • DTR

    Imagine this is all a troll and this girl is actually a virgin.

    • adjossi slapper

      Virgin? Impossible. She’s Korean and that means she is putting herself through school working in a FS massage parlor.

      • J

        fuck you

      • Doubtful, given that a lot of those girls are a hell of a lot better looking than Nadia. She wouldn’t last long with that type of competition.

  • Nadio Cho, can we say you are exhibiting attention seeking behavior, arising from having low self-esteem. .
    You are indeed clever at masquerading the ture reason behind youractions, with the excuess of sexual exploration and liberation the Berkeley libreal way. LOL

    • johnnyboy

      Woah. A little harsh, don’t you think? So the woman wants to talk about how she fucked on-campus. I don’t see what the problem is. Hell, I think everyone should do it at least once. It’s great that she’s willing to talk about these issues. Too often students in Berkeley take life too seriously. Let loose a little. Nadia, if you’re reading this, I applaud you for your sexcapades. Maybe we’ll meet one day, and we can share stories. In the meantime, Maria: don’t accuse her of having low-esteem. That’s mean. And try getting a little nookie on-campus- you might find that you like it.

      Oh, and because it’s Berkeley: *true, *excess, *liberal. And your first sentence should end in a question mark.

      • DTR

        Agreed. Some people just gotta go get laid man…

      • Talk to me about world hunger, racism,sexism but Nadio Cho, sex life please !

        • johnnyboy

          SHE’S THE SEX COLUMNIST. Come on. If you want to criticize the newspaper itself for even having the sex column, that’s fair. If you want to say that such a column is cheap entertainment that has no place in a college newspaper, that’s fair. But to say she has low-esteem and seeks attention because she writes about sex in her SEX column? Come on. You’re just judging.

          • Guest

            “But to say she has low-esteem and seeks attention because she writes about sex in her SEX column?”

            Yes, she’s judging a stupid, annoying bitch like Nadia and she has the right to do so. Just like you have the right to bitch about how it’s unfair.

          • johnnyboy

            I’m saying it doesn’t make sense to go onto a sex column, read the articles, and then disrespect the columnist because the articles are about sex. For God’s sake, it’s a sex column. Of course the articles are about sex. And I never said she doesn’t have the right to judge. She does. But come on, can’t we show a little more respect to each other? Like, do you really have to call Nadia a stupid, annoying bitch?

          • Guest

            “Like, do you really have to call Nadia a stupid, annoying bitch?”

            Yes, because she is a stupid, annoying bitch.

  • Guestie

    Nadia, having sex on a deserted campus is beneath you. I expected you step up your game and have sex in Moffitt or Doe during the busy study times just before finals. Goal oriented challenge for either you or your partner to have an orgasm while at a study table with other students studying around you.

  • Female Sexuality DeCal

    Can a guy take the Female Sexuality DeCal?

    LOL. What about a guy who likes wearing skirts and believes he’s a girl? Does he get to take it?

    • Guest

      Yeah, if a guy who likes wearing skirts and believes he’s a girl can’t take it, he can shout discrimination or transphobia.

    • Yeah

      Guys can take it. Several male friends of mine have.

  • nadiasamigo

    can someone refresh my memory as to when the naked run is? friday of rrr week at what time?

    • meow

      usually around 9 or 10, but there’s not official set time. you have to know people to get the actual time, which is only announced on the day itself/hours before.

  • horndog


    ….pun intended.

  • Calipenguin

    “…we decided the shelves full of books on religion seemed like the best place to fuck.”

    Did you two run into Hannah Brady doing research for her next column?

    • lolololol


    • adsahdj


  • Casey

    Excellent experience !!!
    Sounds like a lot of fun !!!

  • Sex NOT Politics

    Your first and last columns are what Sex on Tuesday is about. The articles in the middle were … let’s just say, Politics on Tuesday.

    “Our school is a predominantly safe and accepting space with many places, people and resources to help you discover your sexual self. It is the place where I learned what it means to be queer, to recognize the presence of patriarchy, to attempt polyamory and to become more confident in my sexuality …”

    The part about patriarchy is completely out of place in this list. Why inject this ethnic studies indoctrination into the article?

    “… so I could go ahead with new experiences — attending naked parties and orgies and writing a sex column, just to name a few.”

    In your earlier articles, why couldn’t you have talked about attending naked parties and orgies instead of politicking?

    • horndog

      COMPLETELY agree.

      • DTR


        • lolololol

          lol why do you and horndog always post minutes apart. Are you two roommates?

          • horndog

            in the words of a wise man: sorry for partying

          • Fuck buddies!!!

            @055e61f654f284036a3cfffa7da94899:disqus No, these two must be fuck buddies.

          • Fuck buddies!!!

            @a87de78903136c53afe249e919a777ec:disqus fuck buddies!!!

  • adsahdj

    I hope UCPD reads this and arrests her for a violation of California Penal Code Sec. 314.

    “Every person who willfully and lewdly, either: 1.Exposes his person, or the private parts thereof, in any public place…is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

    Not because I even care that much, but because she’s fucking annoying.

    • DTR

      Sorry for partying

      • lucifer

        sorry for party rocking

    • Twat.

      You sure you don’t care? You looked up the penal code. Moron.

      • You are a dumb twat.

        Hey Twat (nice choice of name that describes you well), when adsahdj said he didn’t care that much, he meant he doesn’t give a fuck that Nadia exposed herself in public.

        He wants her to be arrested for violating the law because she’s fucking annoying.

        He looked up the law so twats like you wouldn’t be able to argue that such a law doesn’t exist.

        You need some remedial language courses to brush up on your English comprehension skills, which are totally lacking.

        • adsahdj

          lol owned

        • Raphael Tran

          call the closest burn center!

        • Loser Moron

          your a dumbass for even writing this and making me read this stupid shit, obviously he cared and thats why he fucking put that penis code suction number up, and this is the internet moron not grammer class, get a life

          • Randydandy

            *Penal code.

          • You are a loser moron.

            You are right about your moniker. With your horrible spelling, you clearly are a loser moron.

          • tom

            And it is not a spelling class (grammer). At least you admit that you are a loser moron.

      • seems you are the moron here…

      • tom

        Rude Cunt.

    • peepsqueek

      Did you say Penal Code? Is the fitting punishment a Penal Colony? It sounds like some people cannot get enough penal.

      • JohnSkookum


        • peepsqueek

          Close enough! Hope you see the funny in all this.

    • bnhsh

      Go ahead and pull that stick out of your ass anytime, man. If you want a socially conservative and straight forward university to attend, I’m sure Pepperdine would be more then happy to accept you.

      • Guestie

        See You are a dumb twat’s response above. This isn’t about being socially conservative or progressive. Nadia is just annoying. Now go back to your stick and keep shoving it in and out of your backside until you are one with Nadia.

        • MakeAPorno88

          I actually agree with you. She try’s way too hard. But I wouldn’t mind testing her sugar walls.

        • Vishals

          Annoying? The only thing that’s annoying is the number of virgins at this University that subconsciously attribute their lack of game to other people’s “annoying” personalities.

          • tom

            Hey, is it true that Asian chicks private parts run east and west, rather than north and south. Nadia seems stupid, but hey being a semen depository does not take smarts.

      • Snowguy

        I applaud your open-mindedness about using other people’s property for bodily functions. I will be over this evening to take a dump in your sink. Right about dinner time, in fact.
        Make sure you have no sticks in your posterior about me using your sink as a thunder bucket. m’kay?

        • I wouldn’t bother, grad is probably as self absorbed as Cho and probably wouldn’t notice. Its about the freedom, dude!

        • Bill Gryan

          Good response. I was going to say something along the lines of “I’ll be next door having a loud party while you’re trying to sleep,” but your imagery trumped me.

          I love how the advocates of “tolerance” never seem able to tolerate others’ rights to a disturbance-free environment. Is the kids’ section of a bookstore also fair game for public sex?

    • Like the exhibitionists over in the Castro.

    • You have to have a complaining witness. A confession that you did it is not enough to arrest.

      • Guest

        Her fuck buddy, Max Loh (see his comment below), could be compelled to testify.

      • Marshall Erickson

        Boom. Lawyered.

    • DaDulas

      She is so cool.

      • undergrad

        what a cool attention whore she is

      • tenjen

        you’re kidding, right?

    • Got witnesses? Without any witnesses to file a complete there is no proof that she actually exposed herself in public. Her column unto itself cannot be taken as a confession.

      • Guest

        See comment below: “Her fuck buddy, Max Loh (see his comment below), could be compelled to testify.”

      • tom

        I filed a complete once.

      • tom

        I am glad that Videll explained it to me. I was planning on confessing to a few murders, but without witnesses, I can never be charged, because there is no proof. Confessions no longer count in a court of law. I sent a letter to the newspaper telling where I buried the bodies, but the joke is on everyone else, because it doesn’t count due to their being no witnesses. I hope John Videll is not a lawyer.

    • Guest

      LOL. This column (and your mention of California Penal Code Sec. 314) made it to The Huffington Post.