ASUC Auxiliary to end lecture note service

The approach of finals week means many in Berkeley are scrambling to learn an entire semester’s worth of course material — a feat that may prove more difficult in future years thanks to the recently announced closure of the ASUC’s lecture notes service.
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‘Golden Compass’ author Pullman reinvents Grimm fairytales

The Brothers Grimm have always seemed to be a fictional pair themselves — they are known for their collection of witches, princesses and elves, and never insert their opinions or morals into their tales. But Philip Pullman presents the two as “serious-minded” intellectuals in the introduction of “Fairy Tales from
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‘Scribblenauts’ game inventive yet limited

Scribblenauts Unlimited” attempts to turn childhood imagination into reality. Name any object, possibly with some adjectives, and “Scribblenauts Unlimited” will recreate it in its world, with its expected behaviors and properties. It is a huge sandbox that is both a toy and a mix of complex systems, which intermingle with
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Lu Han

A guide to December Oakland Art Murmur

A: ‘Lucid Dreams’ at Betti Ono Gallery The most powerful inspiration can come from beyond our conscious and tangible reality. Such a statement aligns with the thrust of Betti Ono Gallery, whose mission statement is “to inspire limitless creativity.” In “Lucid Dreams,” opening for December’s Art Murmur, eight artists meditate
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Cat Fancies: Good timez, man

This column should be the culmination of my series of attempts at profundity and self-indulgent obsession with the past. Contrary to a common misconception, my theme was nostalgia in college life, not cats. We’ve looked at nostalgia through the various media of film, music and Halloween costumes. Now it’s time
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Occupy Eshleman screenshot

Negotiations made between university officials and occupants of Eshleman Hall

Footage of negotiations made on Tuesday, November 27 between university officials and the occupants of Eshleman Hall’s sixth floor was acquired by ASUC President Connor Landgraf. Read more here: