Beyond Measure S

CITY AFFAIRS: Following the failure of Berkeley’s proposed ban on sitting on commercial sidewalks, solutions to homelessness are still needed.

When Berkeley voters were weighing whether to approve Measure S, we hoped the ballot initiative would fail and force the local community to come up with better solutions to combat homelessness. Now, that moment has arrived. The measure, which would have prohibited sitting on commercial sidewalks in Berkeley during certain
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Raising concerns for Dirks

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks should not have been given a pay increase above his predecessor’s salary.

The UC Board of Regents has forced UC Berkeley’s next chancellor into an awkward position. Earlier this week, the regents inappropriately awarded Nicholas Dirks, who will replace Robert Birgeneau as chancellor in June, a $50,000 pay increase above his predecessor’s salary. While the extra funding for Dirks’ pay will not
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We are not satisfied with neutrality

I can see why people still believe that Israel wants peace. Recent news coverage concerning the attacks on Gaza frequently echoes Israel’s right to self-defense and emphasizes the state of Israel’s humanity in warning Palestinian civilians of imminent assault. I can see why, depending on what news you hear, you
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Letters to the editor: Nov. 30

Ranked voting elections will solve problems abroad Your Nov. 27 editorial dovetails perfectly with Baruch Nutovic’s op-ed, “The hope for a lasting peace.” A decade ago this fall, a group of now-graduated students who met in a political science class were outraged by U.S. election failures and organized for Berkeley
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Transparency is top priority for administration

University constantly strives to be efficient

Imagine the development of the University of California as a phenomenon of astrophysics. The first sparks of interest in creating a public university came amid the Gold Rush, California’s Big Bang if there ever was one. Out of those sparks, a small college was established, which in relatively short order
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Reconstructing homes all over the East Coast

This year, like the past three years I’ve been at Cal, I flew home to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Only unlike every other year, home took the form of a temporary residence taken up in a relative’s house because Hurricane Sandy rendered my house unlivable. I am from Long
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