Bye, bye, Teddy

Tato Lu/Staff

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  • JWillBear

    I don’t quite understand why the artist had to minimize the transgressions of Jerry Sandusky by placing his likeness in the stead of departed coach Jeff Tedford. Tedford was a good coach turned ineffective that ended up costing his university a good amount of money. Sandusky is an evil, child-raping cretin that will end up costing the university that employed him an amount of money that will boggle the mind (and rightfully so).

    This was done in incredibly poor form, Daily Cal and Tato Lu.

  • EchoOfSilence


    • jimbob

      but not catless

  • bear

    I don’t know what’s worse. The Furd band or this cartoonist.

  • Guestie

    Editorial cartoons in the Daily Cal are so hit or miss. Half the fun is often trying to figure out what was going on in the mind of the cartoonist. With this one, I am thinking the cartoonist had a picture of Sandy from right after she went skiing. For the coach, I bet the cartoonist doesn’t know what Tedford looks like, and accidentally used a picture of a different football coach.

  • guest2

    why does Tedford look like JSandusky? Something we should know about the program? and who is the cat?

    • Meow

      omg, TOTALLY (to both Sandusky and the cat!)

    • libsrclowns

      He got the cash right

  • Haters gon’ hate


  • I_h8_disqus

    Is that a cat, or is that a really poorly drawn bear?

    • Calipenguin

      I actually thought that was Pikachu doing a Thunderbolt attack. And I wondered why a Caucasian Kim Jong Il would hate Coach Tedford so much.

  • Guest

    Tedford sucks.