Brown proposes $250 million increase in funding for UC

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Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a $250 million increase in state funding for the UC in his 2013-14 proposed budget, released Thursday.

The proposed increase falls short of UC administrators expectations, opening the door for potential tuition hikes.

At a press conference in Sacramento, Brown called upon universities to reconfigure themselves to function more efficiently instead of asking for more state funding.

“We’re asking that teaching resources be deployed more effectively,” he said at the press conference.

Beyond the increase in general state funds, the budget also attaches strings to certain appropriations. Brown, who has taken a particular interest in online education at the UC, in his budget provides $10 million specifically for developing more courses using technology.

As part of his proposal, Brown also calls for the university to cap the number of units that students can take in an effort speed up the time students take to complete their degrees and to also free up resources for other students.

Check out the full budget proposal below.

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