Eight things we learned about uber-rich Berkeley alumni


The Clog recently learned a few things about exactly how much money UC Berkeley alumni can make. This gives us a little hope for the future of our bank accounts, but we still think it’s insane. Apparently we were recently ranked the 14th-highest university from around the world to churn out super-rich alumni.

Here are some of the tidbits we were able to pick up:

1. There is an acronym for how ridiculously wealthy these alumni are: UHNW — Ultra high-net-worth.

2. You have to have at least $30 million to make the cut. Piece of cake!

3. Private universities make up most of the list, since they’ve got smaller student bodies to hook up with well-connected alumni.

4. The company that published the study is called Wealth-X.

5. Wealth-X’s goal seems to be helping rich people network, basically connecting them to other people who want to get rich.

6. The firm’s slogan is literally, “Connecting you to wealth.” No beating around the bush with that one.

7. They have the inside scoop on all sorts of high-profile professionals bringing in the big bucks, so if you’re someone who has to work with those hot-shots, Wealth-X’s service is apparently vital.

8. The skills we get from all that slaving away in the library are what should (and hopefully will) land us that dream job, but knowing the right people is just as important these days.

Image source: 401(K) 2013 under Creative Commons 

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