Four unique ways to show your Cal pride

Marcus Gedai/File

Tonight is the night. Haas Pavilion will fill with hopeful Cal fans as our basketball boys play one of the most defining games of the season. This game gives us another chance to claim the Pac-12 title. It is our last chance to cheer them on in our own stadium this season, which means we must bid farewell to the amazing seniors on our team — so sad! And if those aren’t reasons enough, we’re playing Stanford … Who wouldn’t want to watch us crush them? Basically, anyone who truly adores Cal will be there tonight. Sure, you could drape yourself in blue and gold, paint your face and bring signs showing your love for the team, but then you’d be just like everyone else. Instead, you could try one of these unique ways to show your Cal pride and stand out among the rest.

1. Do the ‘Stanford Strip’ 

Here’s the idea: Dress in all red or in Stanford attire, and seat yourself in the center of the Cal section. Once you get an appropriate amount of hatred and “take off that red shirt” chants, stand up, strip that red and reveal an exuberant Cal fan outfit that you have secretly worn underneath! Dance like a maniac or scream your heart out, and you will quickly become one of the coolest and trickiest fans in the stadium.

2. Wear gold contacts

Yes, this is real … awesome. Not only will you look like the friendly vampires in “Twilight,” but you will also be taking Cal pride to a whole new level. You are becoming gold, not just wearing it. But be prepared for a plethora of double-takes and strange glances — it will totally be worth it, though, because you’ll look awesome.

3. Bear the bear

Find a bear costume and wear it! We think it’d be awesome for Oski to have a companion cheering with him and give his dance moves some competition. Maybe even choreograph a mascot-themed duet.

4. Shave your head

WARNING: This is only for truly bold Cal fans. If you aren’t super attached to your hair, shave the Cal logo on the back or top of your head. Or try Oski’s face … That would be both creepy and cool. Your hair will grow back eventually, and this will leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

Tonight is our last home game, so go big or go home! Cheer on our awesome seniors, and step out to show your unique Cal pride. GO BEARS!