We Spy: Cal football sending a message to their opponents

Tony Zhou/Staff
Tony Zhou/Staff

You’d better be afraid of the Bears.

If you know what’s good for you, feign an injury and stick to the sidelines next football season. Play sloppily at practices and come late to every team meeting. Trust us, you don’t want to start against Cal.

In just the first few practices of the year, Cal has already shown its determinism in coming off strong next season with the posting of a completely shattered football helmet by one of Cal football’s equipment employees on Twitter. If this broken facemask isn’t a sign of the tough season to come, we’re not sure what is.

Here’s the takeaway point: There is nothing you can do against a Bear. If you run, we will catch you. If you fight, you are looking for a world of pain. The only thing you can do is run up into a tree. Come to think of it, the Bears will probably just knock the tree down.