CREAM: Is it worth it?


“You guys, we have to get CREAM,” is what the Clog was told by some random girl we no longer remember, during the summer before our freshman year. We all know that CREAM is cheap and that it’s ice cream between two cookies. But like CalSO, could waiting for CREAM also be a huge waste of time?

We first began to suspect that CREAM was a waste of time during our sophomore year, after an incredibly boring (and yet somehow draining) day of classes. It was 4 p.m., and we just didn’t feel like waiting to buy ice cream. But we still wanted some anyway.

It was a problem rooted in economics: Was the pain of waiting for CREAM less than the pleasure of eating CREAM?

No, we decided, it was not.

Graph by Lauren Glazer

So, seeing as CREAM had officially become our enemy, we decided to do a little common-sense investigation.

Despite all the folklore that surrounds CREAM (like that it’s better than the other places because they make their own cookies). it turns out that the formula is pretty simple. Double Rainbow ice cream + Otis Spunkmeyer cookies = $2 ice-cream sandwich. Do not be fooled by the ovens; they’re just for warming the cookies up.

The belief that the sandwiches at CREAM “taste so much better” than the ones at Michelle’s Yogurt and Sweets (they use the exact same cookies) is purely your mind trying to reconcile the fact that you spent 30 minutes waiting in line at 11 p.m. on a Saturday night. It’s called cognitive dissonance.

Why is CREAM actually a UC Berkeley tradition? Prime location near the Units and a streamlined business model that focuses on one product and one product alone: ice-cream sandwiches.

In conclusion, if you’re the kind of person who needs to get ice cream down your throat as quickly as possible (and aren’t we all?), don’t bother waiting for the Berkeley tradition.

Just go to Walgreens and buy some Ben and Jerry’s.

Infographic source: Lauren Glazer, The Daily Californian. 

Image source: Sharon Hahn Darlin under Creative Commons

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