Kobe Bryant, the newest Cal fan

Kobe Bryant, Cal's Newest Fan

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As if our women’s basketball team didn’t already have enough of the intangibles behind them already – with the leader of the free world backing them – they have yet another blessing going into their game on Saturday against LSU. One of the best and most decorated basketball players of all time took a minute to record a good luck message for the ladies yesterday evening. Yes that’s right, Kobe Bryant in all of his greatness was at Cal’s workout facility, presumably to make use of it in the absence of half the school’s student body.

Kobe’s vote of confidence would likely be more impactful than that of President Obama, considering that the former has made it to the top of basketball’s biggest stage five times in his career. His Lakers, not unlike Cal’s teams, have gone through a tumultuous season which most recently manifested itself with a loss to the hometown Warriors in Oracle Arena, a loss that probably motivated Kobe to get the extra workout in. It’s fortunate that the Lady Bears avoided a similar fate on Monday in overtime against the low-seeded but feisty Bulls.

The immediate reaction of most would likely be something along the lines of “I would NOT have gone home for spring break if I knew Kobe was coming,” and we can only envy the lucky few who got the chance to see the Black Mamba in person. While the vast majority of Bears would hope that he stays around for a few more days, true Laker fans probably hope that he’s gotten on a plane to Minnesota already for tonight’s game. The Bears’ supporters, meanwhile, will be trekking up to Spokane, Washington to catch their team play for a coveted spot in the Elite Eight.

Image source: ESPN

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