New UC logo released

Chloe Hunt/Senior Staff

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Following three months of administrative pressure, the University of California Marketing and Publicity team has revealed the brand-new systemwide logo, effective immediately.

The design follows careful attention to public outcry made online last year. “The most common concern was that the logo only had a yellow C. ‘Where was the U?’ people kept asking, over and over again,” said an anonymous UC spokesperson. “We made sure that the logo would feature a U and a C, fitting for the world-renowned UC system.”

Responding to the new look, publicists and designers opted for a more simplistic design. “The old logo featured a book, a shining star and a fluttering ribbon. This is not law school, you know? It’s college. It should not be so complicated,” said a UCOP director of marketing and communication. The spokesperson added that “by the time you are 18, you should learn the alphabet. We wanted to make that very clear.”

The new logo features the UC letters in gold before a royal blue background. “It’s a wonderful design,” said another UC spokesperson. “I mean, the other logo was called so many things. A pull-tab was one. The loading icon for Apple computers was another. A blue tongue slurping spaghetti, for heaven’s sake! This logo fights against all of that.”

For the director of marketing and communication, the logo marks a new path in UC history: “Onward California. When people think of best public universities in the world, this logo is what should come to mind. I cannot wait to hear its reception.”

The Clog would also like to add our own thoughts about this new UC logo: “April Fools!” No one comes up with a logo this janky. Have a good prank-filled day, readers!

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