Top 5 pranks for April Fools’ Day

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Today is our favorite day of the year here at the Clog: April Fools’! It’s the best day to mess with your friends or get revenge on your roommate. And in case you’re short on ideas, we at the Clog have your back with our top five pranks for the holiday.

1. Change your roommate’s Facebook status setting to “Only Me”

Posting dumb statuses on your roommate’s Facebook is boring and rarely original. Furthermore, it doesn’t get a reaction for more than a few seconds. If you want to do some real psychological damage, you’ll want to jump into his/her privacy settings. The first option in the privacy settings is called “Who can see your future posts?” Change this to “Only Me.” Now no one will be able to see any of your roommate’s status updates. The lack of “likes” and comments should drive them insane.

For bonus points, change the setting to “Custom,” and make it so only you can also see your roommate’s posts so you can watch him/her go crazy as he/she asks why no one is liking his posts.

2. Put a sleeping friend on Memorial Glade

If you have a friend who is out when he/she sleeps, then you might want to think about taking him/her on a little adventure under the cover of night. While your friend is sleeping, move him/her to somewhere on campus, say, Memorial Glade. Then either go home and wait for them to return quite confused, or set up camp and barbecue while you wait to see his/her horrified and hilarious reaction when he/she wakes up in the middle of campus.

3. Steal the Stanford Axe

This is a prank for all the glory and instant status celebrity on campus. Go to Palo Alto and steal the Stanford Axe. According to Wikipedia, the Axe hasn’t been stolen since 1973, so this is long overdue. You’ll have to find out where the Stanford Axe committee has hidden it. It’ll undoubtedly take some clever social engineering, but we know someone out there is up for the challenge. You’ll go down as a great in Cal history, and everyone on campus will know your name.

4. Buy yourself (or a friend) Twitter followers on Fiverr

One of our favorite (and quirky) sites Fiverr has vendors who let you buy thousands of Twitter followers for $5. Sound too good to be true? Well, most of the accounts are bots (aka not real people), but for this prank we’re just concerned with numbers.

There are two ways to go with this prank. You could convince your friends that you are now suddenly famous (perhaps “you’re big in Japan”). You could also buy a bunch of followers for friends and let their sudden new Internet fame go to their head for a while before you break the news to them about their fake following.

5. Duct tape an air horn under an office chair

This one falls in the classic office prank category. All you need is a roll of duct tape and an air horn. Find a friend’s office chair, one that goes down a little bit when you sit, and tape the air horn underneath the chair such that the button on the air horn will be pushed down by the seat. We guarantee your friend won’t be sitting for long.

Image source: Thompson Rivers under Creative Commons

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