Why Allen Crabbe might miss Cal

Allen Crabbe is Cal's leading scorer and the Pac-12's leader in 3-point field goals.
Giana Tansman/Staff
Allen Crabbe is Cal's leading scorer and the Pac-12's leader in 3-point field goals.

The man responsible for most of the athletic entertainment these last few months – and entertaining it surely was – is set to no longer be a Bear. Yes, Allen Crabbe, Cal’s best basketball player, is slated to forego his final year at Cal and declare for basketball’s highest stage. He is currently expected to be drafted somewhere between 24th and 38th overall – implying that he is roughly an average player compared to everyone else being drafted this year – depending on which so-called “expert” you ask. Chances are that he’ll play somewhere across the country, in locations ranging from Minnesota to New York, but the important thing to Cal fans is that he’ll never play another game in Haas Pavilion. Here’s a list of things that he may – and may not – miss about Berkeley.

The noise of the crowd. Regardless of where you go in the NBA – with the possible exceptions of Utah and Oklahoma City – no fans really cheer louder than the ones in the college game. Bears fans are especially of note, considering that we’ve had plenty to cheer for this season.

The crowdedness of Sproul. He definitely won’t yearn for his walks through the most annoying spot on campus, not just during the insanity of ASUC elections, but in general as well – although he would probably attract more attention than the ASUC senator wannabes and shameless solicitors combined.

The points. It’s easy to say that individual statistics don’t matter in a team game, but Crabbe still ended as the tenth-leading scorer in school history. But you can bet there will be times next year when he’s acclimating his butt with the bench that he’s going to wish for that spotlight and attention once again. It’s likely he won’t be the focus of the opposing defense like he was against UCLA or the subject of fists like he was against Stanford for a while.

The three-point line. A mark behind which Crabbe attempted almost six shots per game this season is almost four feet further out in the NBA, so Crabbe will certainly have to put in some more time at the gym to score those big points.

The cash money. An interesting feature of the rookie system is that for every position he drops in the draft, he loses tens of thousands of dollars in salary for that year. So if you’re taking notes in your dorm on draft night, take a shot for every five players that go before him. How you feel the next morning will probably reflect how he does when looking at his wallet.

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