Playlist of the week: election selections

Kristen Brenemen/Flickr/Courtesy

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With ASUC elections starting Tuesday, a slew of emotions are being brought to the surface: happiness due to sheer excitement about a certain candidate, relief due to the looming prospect of no more election harassment on campus, and confusion due to being completely informed on any candidates or ballot referendums. (Still don’t know who to vote for? Take the Clog’s nifty quiz here.) In light of these feelings, we’ve compiled a tongue-in-cheek collection of songs to help you get pumped up about the upcoming election extravaganza:

1) Deee-lite, “Vote, Baby, Vote

2) Chicago, “Vote For Me

3) The Citizen’s Band, “I Swung the Election (feat. Nina Persson)

4) Laura Nyro, “The Right to Vote

5) Radiohead, “Electioneering

6) Broadway Calls, “Election Night

7) Tokyo Police Club, “Your English is Good

8) Monty Python, “Election Night Special

9) The Torn ACLs, “Election Night

You can check out the playlist in its entirety right on Spotify, and be sure to follow the Daily Cal coverage about the ASUC elections right here!

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