Lulu, the new app to rate and stalk hookups

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So there’s this guy that you have a crush on. He seems dreamy, but how can you be sure? The new app, Lulu, allows women to rate and review their experiences with men, from hookups to hangouts.

Want to find out if he’s a #manchild? You could spend time with him, but then there’s the whole bother of getting to know him, and what if it doesn’t work out? If the above dilemma (and not the man of your dreams) is keeping you awake at night, then check this out.

There are three main rules to the app:

1.)  No boys allowed

2.)  Reviews are never posted to Facebook

3.)  All reviews are completely anonymous

The app is already really popular with the Berkeley community. Luckily, you don’t have to already be Facebook friends to stalk your crush, favorite Cal athletes or ASUC candidates. But our favorite is looking up men with a ridiculously high number of views.

The reviewer falls into one of four potential categories: a friend, crush, former hookup or ex-girlfriend. The review itself is composed of several different categories. The best and worst attributes of each male are described using hashtags such as #perfectgrammar, #4.0, #opensdoors, #sixpack, #NotaDick, #stripperperfume and #ObsessedWithHisMom.

The reviewer then assigns a number value on a scale of one to 10 in the categories of humor, appearance, manners, ambition, commitment, sex and first kiss (note that the last two categories are only rated by hookups and exes). Then, by averaging these point values together, the man in question is assigned an overall score.

Perhaps our favorite part of the app is the “Dear Dude” section, in which women can get anonymous male advice on relationships and dating. Not only do the questions receive a written reply, but other women using the app are polled in order to gauge their feelings on the topic being addressed.

While the app claims to screen out men by connecting through your Facebook profile, we have our doubts about how secure this methodology is. Are we the only ones who see a profitable side-business emerging for the sisters and friends of men trying to boost their ratings? The app itself also seems rife with contradiction. Though in the FAQ section it claims “categories aren’t gross or mean (we’re not judging penis or bank account size),” most of the factors that the men are judged on relate to appearance, performance and means with descriptions such as #bigfeet and #forgothiswallet.

In a recent interview with founder Alexandra Chong on BuzzFeed, the app is described as being a “Yelp for men.” But the boys shouldn’t feel too left out. It turns out that a separate app called “Lulu Dude” has been developed for men, which lets guys request reviews from girls to help boost their numbers.

Hmmm, strange … sounds more like Craigslist for guys to us.

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