Cal football announces first depth chart of the year, leaves quarterback race open

Michael Tao/Staff

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No, they haven’t announced a quarterback yet.

Though Cal football coach Sonny Dykes and the new staff released their first depth chart of the year on Thursday, Cal fans shouldn’t get too excited.

The roster did not narrow down the three-way quarterback race between Jared Goff, Zach Kline and Austin Hinder. At this point, it looks like the battle for the position will go down to the wire.

Considering spring practice wasn’t enough for the staff to decide on even the top two candidates in the race, it’s conceivable that they might not pick a starter until shortly before the season starts.

That said, the quarterbacks were not listed alphabetically. Goff was listed before Kline, who in turn was listed before Hinder.

Does this mean Goff is in the lead for the position?

No doubt this will cause endless speculation for fans that are clamoring for an answer, but right now, nothing seems to be certain. Until there are fewer than three names on that list, any of the three could win the starting job.

Meanwhile, there were a few interesting changes.

The most striking was that Richard Rodgers did not make the list of starting receivers. Instead, senior Jackson Bouza claimed one of the inside receiver spots, despite having only played in five games in his career for Cal.

Fans shouldn’t read too much into this change. Rodgers’ place on the depth chart is probably due to the injuries he suffered in spring practice and not due to a decision by the coaches. And in Dykes’ new offense, every receiver is going to see playing time regardless of his position on the depth chart.

The only other interesting note is the relative youth across the roster; only four seniors appear on the offense and defense combined.

This is truly a new team. New players, new coaches, new system, new uniforms — a completely new identity moving forward from last year.

The depth chart can’t tell fans much, but it confirms the new direction that Cal is headed in. Other than that, it’s not useful to read into it too much — the important depth chart is the one released after fall practices, not spring.

Attached below is Cal football’s official depth chart:

2013 Cal Football Post-Spring Two-Deep

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