We Spy: bicycles invading Berkeley

Critical Mass
Meagan Kane/Staff

If you were on Telegraph Friday night you probably noticed the hoards of cyclists that were crowding the streets in a large caravan. If it seemed like there were too many cyclists together at the same time and place for it to be coincidental, then congratulations, you have amazing instincts! The parade of bicycles decorated with twinkling lights and accompanied with blasting music is part of the East Bay Bike Party.

The East Bay Bike Party is an organized group of volunteers and leaders who follow pre-planned routes every month to advocate stopping at red lights and focus on the enjoyment of biking together rather than a mutual hatred of cars. For the most part it looked to us like Berkeley residents having fun on a Friday night. If you’ve ever dreamed about being a bike groupie, get involved in the movement — they meet the second Friday of every month.


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A previous version of this post incorrectly identified the cycling group as Critical Mass Movement. In fact, it was the East Bay Bike Party.

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