The Jack Clark Issue
Clark celebrates winning his 20th national championships against BYU in 2008.

22 national championships. 558 career wins. 30 years.

In many ways, coach Jack Clark is Cal rugby. The impact Clark had as the coach of the Cal rugby team redefined the program and positively impacted the advancement of the sport in the United States. In his 30th year as coach, the Daily Cal examines and deconstructs the man, the myth and the legend that is Jack Clark.

The man, the myth: Deconstructing Cal rugby legend Jack Clark

In his 30th year as the Cal rugby coach, Jack Clark won 22 national championships. He's still ready for more.
Jack Clark is a Cal rugby legend. But behind the aura, he is a man in full control of the club he built.

Clark is more than just a coach

Former Cal rugby beat writer Christina Jones reflects on the impact that Jack Clark had on her Berkeley experience and what he means to the Cal community.

Jack Clark: Through the years

1978. Clark tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Daily Cal looks through Jack Clark from 1978 to 2010 in photos.

Jack Clark issue: Cal wins fifth national rugby title convincingly

In May 5, 1985, the Cal rugby team won its first national title under Coach Jack Clark over Maryland at Pebble Beach, Calif.

In tribute to Jack Clark’s 30 years at Cal, the Daily Cal re-published a 1985 recap of Clark’s first national championship against Maryland.