5 places to de-stress on campus during finals week

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Kristen McFadden/Staff

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Finals week is coming, and with that comes oodles of stress. As Berkeley students, excellence is what we expect, and we’ll go to great lengths to achieve it. This is a great quality to have (and another reason why we’re the best), but sometimes we forget to take a necessary break. Relaxation and de-stressing are just as important as studying! So this week, the Clog did some campus exploration to find the ultimate places to chill out. You’ll find that you don’t have to go far. Bring a good book, a friend or just yourself and try visiting these places on campus that will rejuvenate you just in time for finals:

Trees near Mulford Hall. Just to the left of Mulford Hall is a beautiful little crevice of space that is perfect for some alone time. This quiet and peaceful place is lined with bright green trees and awesome log benches to sit on.

Terrace Cafe. Located on the Bechtel Roof, the small tables that the Terrace Cafe has to offer are wonderful. There’s a great view of the Campanile, there are shady and sunny places and few students stick around here. Plus, there are plenty of delicious grab-and-go goodies in the cafe if you’re hungry.  

Hearst Memorial Mining Building. This is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. The mild mint green structure, beautiful array of windows and cheerfully round light bulbs are sure to satisfy your spirit. We love this building because it is quiet and perfect for some alone time. Because it’s indoors, it’s also a great place to relax when the weather is bad.

Morgan Hall. Never heard of Morgan Hall? Neither had we, but that’s the beauty of exploring! Just to the right of this hall, adjacent to the GPB building, is a charming little courtyard area, with big, billowing trees and several benches for relaxation.

North Gate circle. Although you may have to trek up the steep hill next to the East Asian Library to get to this place, we think it’s totally worth it. Right next to North Gate lies a cute circle of grass surrounded by nature and benches. We loved this place because it’s not too quiet, but it’s also private enough to feel at peace.

Don’t get burned out studying. Take some time for yourself this week — you won’t regret it!

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