App of the week: EasilyDo

13-06-24 App of the Week, EasilyDo
Uday Mehta/Staff

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Name: EasilyDo Smart Assistant

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Mission: EasilyDo gets you the right information and gets things done.

Though most of us possess smartphones, we can all agree that the vast majority of the apps on these phones are anything but intelligent. They do a singular task over and over again, and they’re quite good at it. But with so many things to keep track of, including social networks, calendar appointments and birthdays, you might not even get a chance to check the simple things, like how warm it is outside! This app, taking the role of a personal assistant, does its best to remedy that in a smart way.

EasilyDo creates a news feed of things that are relevant to you. You can connect a number of accounts, including Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Evernote, LinkedIn, Twitter and IMAP email. To make things even more convenient, you can add multiple accounts of any of these networks, which is especially helpful if you keep your social and professional lives separate. Using the data it gleans from all these services, it puts together a list of things that resembles a to-do list combined with a set of reminders.

One handy feature is that it automatically calculates your commute at a specified time every morning, given that you specify your destination location. You can set a home address or keep that as a dynamic “Current Location,” and it’ll notify you of how much time you’ll be spending on the road on the weekdays. Based on weather projections dependent on your current location, it will notify you the night before if there’s anything you should be prepared for — from rain to hurricanes.

Facebook integration provides birthday reminders in addition to posting at a later scheduled time. You can write your wall post for your friend’s birthday that’s in five days, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting. You also get to view all upcoming birthdays and events right in the app, which is more convenient than trying to find them in the confusing Facebook interface. It also gives you the option to RSVP to events and add them to your main calendar service. Where it really shows off its intelligence is the “important posts” functionality, which takes certain posts it deems important and displays them in EasilyDo, giving you the option to ‘like’ and comment. It even prewrites responses for you based on the content of the post!

As if that isn’t already good enough, adding an email account really gives EasilyDo a chance to flex its muscles. It will store boarding passes you receive in your email for convenient access and add hotel and restaurant reservations or Eventbrite and Ticketmaster confirmations to your calendar. For all you online shoppers, shipping update emails will send the tracking number to the app and notify you when there is progress. Also, emails with jargon about bills will let you add payment reminders at your discretion. Lastly, any time you have an event on your calendar, it will show the map and offer to provide directions.

Taking all of this and putting it on a news feed is incredibly helpful — as are the notifications the app generates regarding any of these events. The interface on the whole is clean and self-explanatory, though we would like to see more integration with Twitter and LinkedIn. The Android widget is a cool 4×2, but it only shows one thing happening on your news feed and isn’t scrollable; you have to enter the app to view everything. While IMAP is supported, it would also be nice if they added POP email as a functionality. The creators do seem remarkably responsive to users, so hopefully we’ll see some of these changes in the future. For right now, a four-and-a-half Clog rating isn’t that bad.

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