Some upcoming Pride-related health events

You know how we’ve been telling you that summer would consist of beautiful days? June 26 was one of those days. The Defense of Marriage Act (popularly referred to as DOMA) was a federal law that barred the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages legalized by the states. But that is no more. When the Supreme Court ruled this unconstitutional, the rain stopped and the skies got brighter for people all over the world to celebrate this incredible step forward for equal rights for all.

The Supreme Court ruling was just in time for Pride weekend. San Francisco is sure to burst out in historical celebration. This weekend, many of us will recognize the visibility of our LGBT+ community — the recognition that they deserve. Members from any community should have the right to have their mind, body and soul thrive. Though this ruling helped ease the minds and souls of many individuals, we can also continue to take care of our bodies at these LGBT+ health events:

San Francisco Pride Run. This run starts near Golden Gate Park and will run through San Francisco. If you choose to RSVP or just plan to show up, make sure to sport your nifty gym attire. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the mental and physical strength of the LGBT+ communities and the many of us who support them. The run takes place on June 29 at 9 a.m.

AIDS Walk 2013. Although sexually transmitted diseases have been a prevalent issue in the LGBT+ community, they’re something that can affect any person regardless of color, socio-economic background or sexual orientation. This is a time to show your support for those who are struggling to cope with sexually transmitted diseases. This is our time to remember the ongoing battle with AIDS. What will you be walking for? The walk takes place on July 21.

This past Wednesday was a moment in history. Even after main Pride events end this weekend, you can continue to show your own pride of one day living in a world where we can love whoever we want without institutional barriers.