That awkward moment when your sibling is a Bruin

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Just like you and your sibling, UC Berkeley and UCLA have an interesting relationship. This particular UC campus definitely took after its big-sister school. But what can be more awkward than this relationship between sibling schools? Conversations with a sibling who attends the sibling school. Here at the Clog, we highlighted some awkward similarities you may discover when talking about college life with a sibling who is a UCLA Bruin:

That awkward moment when…

1. You talk about how much you love reading The Daily Californian. Then your Bruin sibling admits that he or she loves reading —you’ve guessed it! — The Daily Bruin.

2. You love blue and gold. Then you discover your Bruin sibling also loves blue and gold — baby blue, that is.

3. You’re singing “Sons of California.” Then from a distance, you hear your Bruin sibling sing “Sons of Westwood.”

4. You talk about CREAM. Then discover that Diddy Riese is the exact same thing.

5. Someone yells “Go Bruins!” Then you discover that this explicitly excludes you, unlike when someone yells “Go Bears!”

6. Your sibling gets mad when you say that UC Berkeley has more Nobel laureates. Even though you’ve never met one.

7. You get mad at your sibling because UCLA has more TV commercials. But hey, it was just Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dribbling a basketball with people chasing him.

8. You accidentally say that UC Berkeley is the No. 1 public university. And your Bruin sibling says nothing.

9. You hate red. Then you find out that your Bruin sibling also hates red.

Regardless of rankings, we are all part of one united UC system and, for some, part of one big family. Though now all Cal vs. UCLA sporting events will be a tad awkward, ice cream cookie sandwiches or nearly identical mascots shouldn’t get between family.

What are some awkward college conversations you’ve had with a sibling that attends a different UC school? Share with us in the comments!

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