Find out how much your professor makes in annual UC payroll report

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Jacob Brown/Staff

The University of California released its annual report on systemwide employee compensation for the 2012 calendar year today.

The 2012 gross salaries of more than 191,000 career faculty and staff employees, as well as part-time, temporary and student employees, are disclosed in a searchable database on the UC website.

The database includes big-name UC figures like:

  • UC President Mark Yudof: $600,599.00
  • Former UC Berkeley chancellor Robert Birgeneau: $445,716.00
  • UC Berkeley professor Alexei Filippenko: $247,676.20
  • UC Berkeley professor and former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich: $246,199.84
  • UC Berkeley professor Ananya Roy: $147,161.15
  • UC Berkeley law professor John Yoo: $329,451.07
  • Former Cal Football coach Jeff Tedford: $2,146,581.24
  • UCLA visiting professor James Franco: $12,249.84

Shirin Ghaffary is the executive news editor. Contact her at [email protected]